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    JayTheTank got a reaction from xxdeaathxx in new type of pvp start   
    An area that you can challengre the other faction. And they can accept/decline no chat though. Then you 2 get sent off to a 10x10 square exclosure and start on count of 3. That way no signals no "first signal gets first few moves" aka shaman blind bd hammy rogue gouge etc. I think it would be a great option to implement and wouldn't have to worry about fair fights gankers etc
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    JayTheTank got a reaction from Harus in Tired of elves ganking in particular areas!   
    Ganking means so many things, normally if an elf or mc see each other they attack. Most of the time its because they think the other faction will attack them first. Mc and elves all do the same thing. Its not "ganking" persay. Same thing happens with elves for mcs, mostly part of the game, and by "neutral area" you mean nadir?
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