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  1. Order and Chaos 1 и Order and Chaos 2. Не стратегии, MMORPG, вообще одна и та же игра по сути. Чего не скажешь о наших.
  2. Starcraft 1 и Starcraft 2
  3. Не, ну это вообще 14 из 10. P.S. я в тапках сижу
  4. But the rest of it is actually good, no worries
  5. Ok, moved this topic to General, so that more people could see it. Don't think we should post it on Facebook, but tell me if I am wrong. Message to all: COME JOIN THIS DISCORD CHANNEL, ITS ALL ABOUT WARSPEAR: https://discord.gg/7eKyccm IF YOU DON'T HAVE AN ACCOUNT THERE YOU TOTALLY SHOULD GET IT, IT IS FREE. All sassy secrets about Warspear players (not really) and shocking inside news from developers (absolutely not) are already there! Join now and be a cool person. P. S. it is not an official channel.
  6. Так, баг с инвизом найден, скоро поправим. По остальным разбираемся, спасибо за бдительность, воины!
  7. Как насчет того, чтобы сказать что это за проблема?
  8. А как же "опять то же самое на пихаете, вы там вообще разленились ничего нового сделать не можете, все для дона, сделали бы новые рассы"? UPD: а насчет "все ждали" - мы вроде как не анонсировали то, что летом будут ивенты. Так можно все что угодно ждать
  9. Проблема сохраняется? Они будут в обычное время, осенью и зимой.
  10. Я конечно не эксперт в аниме, но вообще же на аниме не похоже.
  11. Hello there, brave warriors! It’s time to welcome four new classes in Warspear Online that were added with update 7.0! Owners of Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Windows, OS X and Linux devices may already start choosing a new class for leveling up. Notice that updates for different platforms may be released with delay. Some information about new classes you may have learned from our announcement post. Now let’s reveal more details about this update: improved character creation menu, new system of rewards on native islands, new novice sets, items in Miracle Shop due to the game’s birthday, new relics, gifts and much more. But first, a bit more information about new classes! Expert skills for new classes For now, there are only 5 expert skills available for each class. They are already added to libraries in Arinar. Hunter Explosive Arrow: Shot that deals physical damage to the target and a specific percentage of this damage to all enemies within a few yards from the target. Stunning Shot: Shot that reduces physical and magical power of the enemy and attack speed for some time. Mountain Instincts: Increases attack speed of the character for some time. Arrow of Silence: Shot that blocks the enemy's ability to use skills for some time. Arrow of Confusion: Shot that deals the negative effect "Fear" to the target and all enemies within a few yards of the target for some time. Opponents become unmanageable, damage dealt to them can remove the effect Charmer Stone Curse: Magical attack that deals the negative effect "Petrification" to the enemy for some time. The opponent cannot move or apply skills, the target cannot be attacked. Otherworldly Blessing: Increases the maximum health of the character, the maximum amount of energy and the parameter "Block" for some time. Knowledge of the Dead Man: Every time any skill is used, the character gets a buff, when five buffs are received, the positive effect "Dark aura" is applied to the character. Dark aura deals the negative effect "Stun" to the enemy for some time, as well as additional physical damage during the next attack. Otherworldly Fire: A magical attack that deals damage in the specified area and, with some chance, negative effect "Stun" to all enemies for some time. Eye of the Darkness: Increases physical and magical defense of the character or an ally, and lets them see enemies when they are invisible and are located within a few yards for some time. Warden Guard's Fury: Applies the effect "Aggression" to all enemies within a few yards from the character and reduces their physical and magical power for some time. Fortification: Reduces all incoming damage against the character while the skill is in effect. Skill with a constant energy consumption. Powerful Lunge: Blow that deals physical damage to the target and a specific percentage of this damage to all enemies within a few yards from the target. Unit Master: Restores a certain percentage of the character's maximum health when blocking an attack. Shield Throw: Shield throw that deals physical damage to an enemy and reduces his physical defense for some time. Seeker Dangerous Blow: Blow that deals physical damage to the enemy. Additionally deals the negative effect "Bleeding" to the enemy for some time if a skill was used to deal the critical blow. Opponent receives periodic physical damage; you can apply multiple effects to a single opponent. Sun Nets: Blow that deals the negative effect "Sleep" to the enemy for some time. The opponent cannot move or apply skills, damaging the target obviates the effect. Character can use the skill "Disappearance" in battle against one opponent if the "Sleep" was applied against the enemy. Solar Power: Increases the chance of dealing a critical blow against the opponent and the damage dealt by the critical blow for the duration of the skill. While the skill is in effect, there is an increased incoming damage against the character.%n%nSkill with a constant energy consumption. Splitting Blow: Blow that reduces the enemy's speed and deals the negative effect "Bleeding" against him for some time. Opponent receives periodic physical damage; you can apply multiple effects to a single opponent. Attraction: Moves the selected enemy towards the character, immobilizes the enemy and increases any incoming damage against him for some time. New classes also have standard legendary achievements on leveling up to 18 and 28 levels, as well as on achieving the maximum reputation the first on a server. There are novice sets prepared for every class that contain colourful costumes, good armor, powerful weapons and other useful things for comfortable start. By the way, novice sets for other classes have also been updated! New sets are available in the Miracle Shop that is opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. New character creation menu Due to the appearance of new classes, update 7.0 will not only feature two additional slots for character creation, but also an improved and optimized menu. Now the menu of character choosing will show all basic skills of each of the classes, as well as their attack, defense and support parameters. Detailed description of each class is underbutton. By the way, there are changes not onlyabout the visual part. Now, characters created automatically will be chosen depending on the amount of the characters of each class on the server, thus maintaining the balance. New rewards system on native islands One more important feature of update 7.0 is the new rewards system on native islands. When completing certain storyline quests, characters will receive weapons, armor and accessories of levels 3-11 depending on their class, as well as special chests that contain great weapons, spheres and Signs of Imperishability! New weapons Now one-handed maces with the first bonus “Magic power” are available for all levels (up to 26). You can get them from monsters and in Dungeons, as well as buy at Arena Vendors and other merchants. New relics Great/small relic of Energy Stability reduced energy consumption while the skill is active by 50%. It is made specifically for skills with constant energy consumption: Hunter’s Combat Stance and Seeker’s Exacerbation. New items in Miracle Shop Within a month Miracle Shop will be offering a special holiday chest with precious rewards, as well as new decorative skins for all types of weapon! Time Loop Cache Costumes: Dragonborn Oracle Bone Lord Blood Knight Red Death Antiquities Hunter Antiquities Huntress Lord of Ice Charms Lady of Ice Charms Warrior of the Vast Shadow Lady Warrior of the Vast Shadow Guardian of the Shrine Warden of the Shrine Pilgrim of the Wasteland Wanderer of the Wasteland Decorative skins: Rune Oracle's Knife Rune Oracle's Broadsword Rune Oracle's Broadaxe Rune Oracle's Spear Rune Oracle's Stave Rune Oracle's Bow Rune Oracle's Crossbow Rune Oracle's Shield Full collection of the rarest runes and crystals: Vampirism Rune Retribution Rune Crystal of Wildness Crystal of Agility Crystal of Stun Great elixirs: Gladiator's Great Elixir Great Elixir of Unity Great Elixir of Knowledge + unique minions, gold and other presents! New decorative skins Eternal Forest Kris Eternal Forest Club Eternal Forest Spadone Eternal Forest Halberd Eternal ForestRecade Eternal Forest Baton Eternal Forest Bow Eternal Forest Crossbow Eternal Forest Shield Cursed Lands Rondel Cursed Lands Mace Cursed Lands Longsword Cursed Lands Waraxe Cursed Lands Staff Cursed LandsCaduseus Cursed Lands Bow Cursed LandsLockbow Cursed Lands Shield Gifts Within a month after update 7.0 all characters who enter in-game world will receive a Treasure Chest with: - Elixir of Knowledge - Hair dye - Minion Cache - 3 Life scrolls - 3 Teleportation scrolls That’s all, see you in the game! AIGRIND
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