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  1. ... well ... for anyone as blind as me... a nice player just told me that the helm was in the armour stand in the cave... solved.
  2. So, i am still stuck at "Secret of Ancient Armour" quest (Nadir-Sard / Boiling Lakes). I am a Firstborn Ranger, if it matters. I have killed monsters in both sides of lava river and cant find a 2nd key to get the "High-quality Helm" I have killed lots of them, restarted Quest and all, but cant get the Helm. I added a picture to show quest and location. Am i looking in the right place? Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks for any help!
  3. I am doing the quest "Secret of Ancient Armour" (Nadir-Sard / Boiling Lakes) and i have to collect the following items/tasks: Berengar's Key - got it killing stone monsters in Berengar's smithy Cave Unlock Berengar's Chest - after getting key... i opened the chest High quality chainmail -- found in the chest High-quality helm --- just cant find it!!!! I killed 100+ times stone monsters, went to the other entrance of the cave ... and near caves in the area... nothing... just cant get it! Any tips? thks in advance..
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