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  1. I quess you are complaining of symbian crashes. Symbian is shit. Get a new phone or use a pc. That's the best advice i can give.



    Symbian is very good because very comfortable

    i have pc but I dont not like playing this game in pc


    thks all i dont have time to weaste

    game for kids like u all

  2. Hi all(admin & devolopper...)  ; i want Recover My Account ... Player (lier) has scammed me ; and he changed login ; passwods ...

    i have 3 char in this account : 1/ BD lvl 13 .... 2/Rogue lvl14 .... 3/ Paldin lvl 18

    i know is impossible to retrieve this account but u can ban player scammer ;  i can put name if u want

    please find solution , i can put My user password in  supersonicads 


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