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  1. Barbarian sholud get always stun in charge and stun in shield strike be amazing i think... others tanks have x2 stun in class, but barb only 1 and fail Please fix that
  2. I agree this arena seasson too log for only 1 ring, maybe need think about rewards
  3. Drop rate toooooooooooooooo low like last troll event... ... Can post if someone get drop costume please
  4. Can put in shield strike skill stun, because that will be great effect, shield stike should knockout , that will be just because bd have 2 stun skill
  5. Good day This time I am writing to request that it be corrected an error in the coliseum, because if the drops like armor, gloves or etc, are personal, should be obtained at least for the same of character what can drop See... if rouge get drop armor for magic class or tank class how use that ???? If players buy stamina (many time with miracle coins = real money) for get some drop, many good players get boring because the funny old game become in expensive boring game
  6. Why gm always do update for what elves stop cry??... when warlock win ... put new "Magical def", when rouge win, update for detect stealth, now pala skill with high damage :clapping: ... is too evident what always update is maked for stop cry of elves... is too funny see what the game become in circus in where if some elf cry gm in like 1 week put update for fix a "mistake" of program... :shok: , idk if all dev only play on elf side, but i think what the big boss in aigrind maybe don't know about this irregulars updates... because is not convenient for players :aggressive: and many players stop to loggin, and say cya to game The game should can be palyed in equal conditions for both sides and don't do updates only for put more stronger one side...... at end mc always win :diablo: maybe for that put that ridiculus new skills on elf... Sorry about english 8)
  7. Bad update too many bugs :bad: now select realm unavailable :facepalm: , better test first before launch 8)
  8. :yahoo: happy birthday warspear :drinks:
  9. Hola Skiney Me podrías dar más información sobre que se tiene planeado para la nueva recompensa del torneo, en el foro en inglés se dice que van a dar CC, pero no dice cuantas, además que van a dar acceso a dugeons especiales y recompensas como armaduras, pero no dicen que tipo son, si se colgara acá unas fotos de las nuevas cosas sería ideal :clapping: , espero que puedas adelantarnos algo :drinks:
  10. Sería bueno que aumenten un poco el porcentaje de recepción de items que los boss dejan, es muy largo matarlos para que no dejen nada :wacko:
  11. Buen día amigos, les escribo debido a que anteriormente se podía comprar vía sms al menos 200 mc, pero ahora apenas se puede comprar 60 mc por USD0,56 :shok: , podría habilitar alguna forma para la compra de más mc vía sms, muchos lo vamos a utilizar ;)
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