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  1. Why never put image of rewards ... that maybe make what more players want new reward
  2. we was at tos heroic .. with great unity pot on ... can bring us back
  3. Barb stun no works, always fail, maybe can fix that, shield strike +4 and charge +5 and keep fail, so, no works
  4. Hi guys Many people lvl up craft, but we got surprice because the rare crafts options in lvl 22 weapons no show in 3 days ago.. so we need know if is a bug or what happens with that... Please is too hard get lvl 16 craft, and if is not available rare craft lvl 22.. what is the objetive of increment to lvl 16 craft???
  5. Please no troled us again .. like last event ... drop rate toooooooo low zzzzzzzzzz
  6. Please no troled us again .. like last event ... drop rate toooooooo low zzzzzzzzzz
  7. In last times many people in US server sell same thing... NO GOLD FOR BUY NOTHING..... what happens... many people link items in trade chat, spam word chat butttttt, no offer for sell that I do some test for see if people do interesting buy items, like amp, crit enhanced, or lower price of items but nothing. Only some players keep saving gold but now is really hard to get gold, soo the questios is "What happen when flow of gold over?" i think what we need more gold for: rewards, sell of items of drop, or make other way for get more gold in the game, because no all players are miralce coins user's. Or at end Warspear gonna sell package of gold too? = no more game free
  8. Hello friends, i read in EU-Emeraldforum new contest "Create your boss!", US- saphire can join ????
  9. Why buffer mage for see rogue ... so better delete stealth for help elf like always updates
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