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  1. Lol there saz that bladedancer counter is worser why all saying bd oper :!
  2. Can gm see pls support mails ?
  3. All have laggs :! Go repair gm :-/
  4. I used to buy miracle coins with vala it works... but my number is Ipko ... +38649xxxxxx ... the web site of them is : www.ipko.com
  5. Gm see that foto that i post...
  6. Pm me in private chat who have any acc that u dont play... i aczept and naked accs
  7. Gm .. can add Kosovo for buy miracle coins?
  8. That was 3 month ago... I ask in world chat that Xtopgearx scammet or not Legionner say no!!! :! So i lose my rogue lvl 20 name Bomerx :( duck Legionner ... duck Xtopgearx!!!
  9. Gm can you add Kosovo to buy miracle coins... This City is in Europe...
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