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    ahmedmajed reacted to Apk in Shaman is too strong a profession   
    In particular, the use of the castle healing medicine shaman, often 1v2, even if his equipment is not all 10, the same operating environment, easy 1v2.
    People don't feel the need to weaken the shaman? ? 
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    ahmedmajed reacted to Kuzmitch in Winners of “I Play Warspear Online” photo competition   
    Dear players,
    Thank you very much for your participation in “I Play Warspear Online” photo competition! We finally saw that our players not even creative but also beautiful and have a lot of different gadgets :). It was really hard to judge this competition, but finally we made a decision! We like all the pictures you made, so will print them in a big collage and place it on the wall in our office.
    Here are the winners!
    1 place, 5000 Miracle Coins

    «I farm you..» by ladydruid.
    2 place, 3000 Miracle Coins

    «Crazy Barb...Ready to play WARSPEAR ONLINE» by error404

    «Eat Sleep LIVE! WARSPEAR!!! by Saintt
    3 place, 2000 Miracle Coins

    «"Gona be Lvl 20 tonight, and get a 100% on my History test tomorrow" by Animatoro

    «Me and My Second World =^,^= *meeow!! by aikedane.iyen

    «trying to be prince of warspear :D» by alonso14

    «old players are still playing games warspear» by jacksonwang11
    Also we'd like to note the following pictures, which receive special prize of 500 Miracle Coins:

    «My pic for competition: Jayrox, High-society» by jayrox

    Me, trying to be as strong as my barb :D by Haze

    «My Day's With My Warspear Game» by [[[[JAW]]]]

    «ELF FOR REAL» by PrettyPinay

    «Warspear Online and me) )» by necrolye

    «My Photo :D» by kiddy

    «My awesome entry for the contest by Ninja Owl

    «A New Warrior from The Modern Warspear by Shionkit

    «Thats me, Dobermannn, playing warspear» by Dobermannn

    «Me :P» by Ciamiau
    Once again I congratulate the winners and all participants! In a couple of hours you will receive a personal message from me on this forum with a Gift code, which you can activate in game or at our website.
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    ahmedmajed reacted to BennyBT in Facts About Warspear   
    Fact #93: There is a quest on Irselnort, where you have to find a piece of the War Spear. Calculate. How many players have completed this quest so far? If all of them found a piece, the War Spear should be already be put together.
    Fact #94: Crimson Corundum is told to be very rare. Akthough thousands of people have gathered thousands of CC. Where is the limit. Will we arrive too a point when Crimson Corundum wont be found anywhere? Most of Nadir-Sard's merchants trade goods in exchange of CC. What would happen to
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    ahmedmajed reacted to Jigsaw-PZ in Facts About Warspear   
    It would be cool if there was a portal deep inside lab that lead to the other world where they came form, with a storyline that explains how they came into existence and why they're invading arenar. *Accidentally stumbles upon aigrind's next big project*
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    ahmedmajed reacted to Nosotraes in Facts About Warspear   
    Fact #20: Being +9/+10 is not pro nor skilled, it's noob.
    Fact #21: Garahan is overpoweree as duck. During the war of the spear he could almost match Harad and Nuadu alone.
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    ahmedmajed reacted to MCocktail in Facts About Warspear   
    Fact 15# This topic should be about the game
    Fact 16# The Great War happened around 500yrs ago~ which is a pretty short time omo
    Fact 17# It seems that the Mountain Clans dont have a god, or dont believe in one, rather they believe in the nature as seem from the Dukuns on Godgorath ^^
    Fact 18# The filth seems to be a disease which rots the lives of anyone, any animal and their minds. Somehow the servants/slaves of the filth seem to be immune against the filth, at least physicly, as they would ROT away. But instead on going insane they seem to be pretty organised. Why do i say that? It might be an Aspect for a cure against The Filth. Quest(line)idea: Make the players kill filthmobs, and obtain items like fluids for the study of the magicians there
    Fact 19# There are elf which are not on the sentinel side (Maliat Elves)
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    ahmedmajed reacted to Emerald in Facts About Warspear   
    Post here all facts you know about warspear !
    #1 Fact
    Meniru, Kepala, and Dukun are all Indonesian.
    - Meniru means copy
    - Kepala means head
    - Dukun means shaman
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    ahmedmajed reacted to MCocktail in Facts About Warspear   
    Fact 4
    Whilst in Lore the fight is focusing more between Chosen and Forsaken, it seems to focus more between Elf and MC ingame/in the community
    Fact 5
    Berengars power literally was enough to connect the worlds made by the white wanderer, the system of the connections between them is the astral lab.
    Fact 6
    As stated in the little Lorepiece of BG Tower, Aliens managed to go in the tower and wreck havoc there. Berengar had to enclose the tower.
    Fact 7
    While in the Chosen questline they manage to find out that the traitor attack from the elfs was an attack of the Legion through many investigations, and even an elf guy one on Langasard had to actually point it out, in the elven questline they just literally realised it when (you) described how "the traitirs" turned into dust as they died.
    Fact 8
    The military forces used on map2 would be enough to cleave every map1 conflict, which means that e.g. Legion side could invade e.g. melvendil with all forces like in irselnort, and conquer it in a matter of minutes.
    Fact 9
    Berengar is infact so skilled that he could literally connect parallel universes (lab) but his ingame equipment is lvl15. However, There are way more high leveled equipment elsewhere, and it means that e.g. the ancient norlant empire was more powerful than berengar (lvl18 stuff), but in the lore it is clear that noone can even achieve half of berengars power.
    Fact 10
    I am very interested in Lore. Of any game.
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    ahmedmajed reacted to bld in [2016.09.29] Update Warspear Online 6.1 Power of Relics. Release   
    i guess now lock got 1 good skill to heal
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    ahmedmajed got a reaction from Lzfer in [2015.06.10] Warspear Online 4.11: 7 years of war. Release   
    Gm why dont make a light version for ios ?
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    ahmedmajed got a reaction from Bdsc in Adding new classes   
    Who suggest to add bow user or gunner class for mc side and hunter or smthing for elf
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    ahmedmajed reacted to Silver Hawk in Panda Torturer   
    Panda Torturer
        The tragic history repeating itself. Again Terror has gripped Ayvondil, this creature nobody knows. few have seen it walking; between pain and hatred that has this scary panda nobody will want to bring. Revenge is the only thing you want because their children died barely four months after birth because of deforestation and pollution of the forest that leave you without food. This panda can break your bones with its huge mallet with sharp steel spikes and then drink your blood. It is not a common panda as you've seen before. Hatred became an abominable and terrifying being. His desire is to crush, torture and devour until you die, only then could avenge a very sad past that I lived.  
    Behaviour, skills and stats:
    Totally wild and aggressive, able to see 5 meters away to approach quickly to attack you. Their wings do run a little lighter when attacking. It is of physical type (Morningstar Specialist) and will want to torture you with his morningstar tearing your body. Their attacks are normal but abominable. Possibly this located in the sewers of ayvondil, near satraps (satraps center) or in a possible new map which would not be a bad idea.
    Normal attack (no skill) = 350 - 490 
    - Steel Spikes: Powerful physical attack (You do not want to use it, you remove a good percentage of life) 
    - Cutting Nails: A less lethal attack the steel spikes, but still heartbreaking for you
    - Lethal Vaccine: For 8 seconds small amount of life will decrease continuously
    - Tranquilizer:  Reduce your defense and puts you slow cooldown
    - Potassium Chloride: You can not do anything for 4 seconds, these paralyzed
    (My english is bad guys, i use translator I hope I understand) 

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    ahmedmajed reacted to nabnecro in The best update in your opinion   
    Introduction of expert skills was the best thing that happened to the game.
    Sure some classes are still unbalanced skil-wise (cough *BD* cough) but since the number of experts you can use at a time are limited, and there are still a lot of skills to come, I think it will end up being more balanced in long term. 
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