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    Morgana reacted to Peony in [2020.03.13] Warspear Online 8.3: Hectic Semester. Preview   
    Warriors of Arinar!
    Very soon you will be able to embark to the Blissful Isle, where the Spring King keeps on talking about the grand opening of the School of Magic, that was closed for so long. Any day now, one of the oldest educational institutions is going to open its doors to a new generation of wizards! Tutelage under famous sorceress, mysteries of the wizarding world, solo Dungeons, secret coups in the School, world and guild dynamic events and many more extraordinary surprises await you! The local newspaper already features the most important news from the grand opening of the School of Magic, hurry to read this issue!
    (special issue)
    Yet again the Blissful Isle reminds us of a buzzing hive. The news that, after many years of being in a somber state of abandonment, the School of Magic will be reopened was met with glee by the Spring King’s subjects! To remind our readers of the main milestones of the history of the School. Founded by the decree of our beloved Spring King’s great great great great great grandfather, for several centuries it was considered the best educational institution in Arinar. After that, the School was closed under mysterious circumstances. But the new principal is full of contagious enthusiasm! He has already announced the start of student admissions. We will note that the admission committee was forced to stop its work in the very first day — because the clerks have run out of blank forms and ink. But the influx of volunteers is not even close to over! We will keep our readers in the loop.
    Principal Serpentus — that’s the true hero of the recent days! It was him who managed to convince our King to resume the work of the School of Magic, the closure of which became the subject of many grim legends. Today he is accepting congratulations from eminent citizens and colleagues. The principal has graciously agreed to answer a few questions of our reporter. The conversation was held in Serpentus’ private office — it is the first restored chamber of the School. The principal’s tastes can only be envied: ancient tomes next to mysterious artifacts and jars, the contents of which is, sadly, difficult to see clearly. “I have arrived to the Blissful Isle only recently, but I already love it with all of my heart!” - the principal smiles broadly, inviting to take one of the chairs. “Believe me when I say that a lot of things link me to your glorious country!” “The high quality of education”,  — the principal continues, while rubbing the knob of his cane, in the form of a snake’s head, — “is my absolute priority!”. “I am adamantly determined to raise a new generation of wizards with simply no equals in Arinar. I will personally pick the best of the best”, — Serpentus’ eyes light up with green fires for a moment. At this point, a tall servant in a stylish uniform of snake skin appeared in the doors, so no words were needed to understand that the interview is over.
    The guests, invited for the festivities dedicated to the opening of the School of Magic, keep on arriving to the capital. There will be no shortage of entertainment, as the Spring King has ordered to decorate the city and intends to host new attractions for the citizens every day. In turn, principal Serpentus, as if desiring to outdo the king, has announced preparations for a grandiose masquerade ball. It seems that truly fun times await us all! 
    Holiday quests
    Main quests consist of 4 courses in the School of Magic. So prepare to put an effort into studying to quickly finish classes and move on to well-deserved rest and fun on the Blissful Isle! 
    To successfully complete the quest chain, you will need to pass exams after each educational course. To gain admission to exams, you will need a certain amount of reputation with the magisters of the School of Magic. 

    The most diligent students will be able to quickly earn the respect of the teachers, because completing all daily quests will rapidly increase the amount of reputation. After each course, there will be more such homework, but completing it will become more and more risky and difficult.
    The first 2 courses will greet you with fairly simple tasks, connected to understanding the basics of wizardry, as well as household needs of the School. But after that you will have to fight magical beasts, to find your way through the dangerous dungeon of living mirrors and to destroy most horrible creations of the dark.

    As noted above, reputation grants you admission to exams, after which you can continue to the next course. And you will need to earn enough to get to the final test.
    Beside daily quests, reputation can be earned by killing raid bosses and completing Dungeons of the Blissful Island, but it should be kept in mind that there will be a limit on the amount of reputation gained this way per day. The maximum amount that can be earned is 15,000.
    First you work for your reputation, then your reputation works for you, because after the exam of the fourth course your magical glory doesn’t vanish. Moreover, it will probably be even more useful for you, because now it is your new currency. The most interesting thing is that you can with it you can purchase the most unique goods: character experience, reputation with any faction of Arinar and crafting experience. Just ask Magister Avaris at the capital and trade your reputation for things that used to be difficult to get.

    With the new course, learning the ancient wisdom of the magicians, your character will become even stronger, because after each exam you will receive a special passive skill corresponding to the educational discipline. All magic bonuses will be available only during the Celebration of the Spring King.
     I Course: Moon Magic
    Moon Magic is a great gift of Nuadu. It helps you see the true essence of things, speak secret languages, and find a guiding thread in the darkness of the night.
    allows you to open the Treasury of the Moon Magisters in a selected dungeon reduces the Seeker's Stamina recovery time by 1 hour  II Course: Sun Magic
    Sun Magic is the wisdom of such courageous and determined seekers like Harad. Grace streams through the sunlight, but it can also scorch you!
    allows you to open the Treasury of the Sun Magisters in a selected dungeon reduces the Seeker's Stamina recovery time by 1 hour opens access to Momba's Lair  III Course: Astral Magic
    Astral Magic was considered incomprehensible until Berengar made it the property of all the wizards of Arinar. The power of the Astral is spread on the border of thousands of worlds.
    allows you to open the Treasury of the Astral Magisters in a selected dungeon reduces the Seeker's Stamina recovery time by 1 hour  IV Course: Darkness Magic
    Darkness Magic is woven from the tenets of predestined darkness. Garaan is the flesh of Darkness. His whisper guides all those who dream of undivided power.
    allows you to open the Treasury of the Darkness Magisters in a selected dungeon reduces the Seeker's Stamina recovery time by 1 hour unlocks access to Serpentus' Office allows you to use the services of Magister Avaris It’s time to reveal the main purpose of status markers, the ability to disable which appeared in the game settings. The fact is that after each successfully completed course above the head of the character will appear the appropriate symbol. During the studying at the School each character will have 4 symbols of each course, but sometimes it may not be very convenient to see such symbols when you are bravely protecting the School or just walking around the Blissful Isle. Therefore, you can choose to leave these magic symbols or hide them. 

    Solo Dungeons
    Seven new single-player dungeons will be the platform for an Masquerade Ball, where all guests of Blissful Isle will be invited. Visit the school opening celebration and help Wickedora reveal the identity of the mysterious sorceress Amraphelia, who was brought to the ball by the principal himself.
    Under the mask you can hide not only your face but also your intentions. Is that why the masquerade ball, hosted by Serpentus, has attracted so many suspicious people, seemingly united by a dark past? What are they really whispering to each out in orangeries and pavilions of the Magic Rose Garden? What are they plotting under the guise of a merry masquerade? What is principal Serpentus hiding? There must be someone who will find all the answers and uncover the truth!

    Try to explore the entire territory to take a closer look at the guests, find hidden clues and special items, that will be useful in discovering proof of the school principal’s dark plans But be careful! The rose garden may have dangerous traps, set up by Serpentus’ helpers. That’s why you should keep in mind the special drinks, presented for the guests. Those can help you overcome different obstacles. But don’t drop your guard at the sight of every punch bowl — not every gulp of beverage is worth taking. Carefully read the contents of every treat!

    Keep in mind that there are no time limits, so you will definitely be able to fully enjoy the ball, fulfill an important mission for Wickedora, and having completed 4 educational courses, you will gain access to all treasuries that await you at the exit.
    World event “Defending the School of Magic”
    Who would have thought that Momba, Wickedora's stepmother, would show up again at the Blissful Isle and decide to take over the School that just opened. The new principal Serpentus is ready to use the most powerful magic to stop this formidable witch, but he still needs every student’s help. Get ready, warriors, time to fight back the old villain!
    First stage “Seal of Astral”
    The Principal Serpentus found out that Momba was planning to attack the School of Magic! Momba thinks that Blissful Isle is her rightful domain and will not tolerate powerful wizards around here. To protect the School from invasion, Serpentus intends to restore an ancient protective spell associated with the four seals. The first seal - the Astral one - is a magical symbol drawn on the ground using the golden essence. A large amount of essence is contained in the golden wyverns that live on the Blissful Isle. Light up the symbol by killing the golden wyverns within its borders, and the first seal will be applied!

    Second stage “Seal of Darkness”
    Over the years of desolation, the seal of Darkness has lost contact with the rest of the receptacles of energy. Now, instead of protecting the School, the seal of Darkness has returned the chess knights to this world - they can't wait to ravage the surrounding land. The power of chess pieces lies in strict subordination, but it is also their weakness, which can be turned to your advantage. Kill the junior pieces to gain an advantage against the senior ones. Destroy all the chess knights and restore the second seal!

    Third stage “Seal of Sun”
    Once the Seal of Sun was filled with the power of the flame of the five solar bowls, but the fire in them has long been extinguished. To restore the seal, you need to connect the bowls with the energy of the solar lights that come here every day!

    Fourth stage “Seal of Moon”
    The Seal of Moon was guarded from time immemorial by stone guards of the Firstborn, but now the ghouls chose the lands entrusted to them! The guards will help you restore the seal, but you need to banish the ghouls once and for all. Stone guards are sensitive to healing magic - if you heal their wounds, they will start killing enemies even with more rage than before.

    Fifth stage “Attack from Below”
    All seals are restored! But the insidious Momba has already sent her pupils, who dug tunnels directly into the classrooms of the School of Magic! Go there and repel the dastardly attack of the evil witch’s minions! Be careful, as Momba’s servants use ancient rune magic that protects them from all attacks. Only destroying all runes will bring the magical barriers down and defeat the invaders!

    Sixth stage “Dancing Whirlwind”
    The last battle is ahead of us! The main threat to the School is the old witch's personal familiar, Jezebel, nicknamed Dancing Whirlwind. After drinking the broth from Momba's cauldron, he gained unprecedented power. You must defeat him before it's too late!

    Restart time: 4 hours after the first stage starts on schedule.
    Guild event on a GvG-territory “Mirror Trap”
    Yet again guilds will be able to test their strength in a dynamic event on a shared GvG-territory. You will need to be one of the first to kill three powerful monsters hidden in the dungeon, which do not like uninvited guests in their caves. And don’t forget about the most important part — destroy the wretched mirror before it kills you! 
    Long ago, when the old School of Magic was abandoned, many magical artifacts remained in its catacombs. One of those was the magical mirror, created by a master glazier, hailing from the kin of cave trolls. For anyone looking into it, the mirror created  their own reality, where all desires and dreams were fulfilled, even the secret ones. But the illusion created by the mirror could not exist forever. Wishing for more and more, anyone who went through this looking glass became trapped and lost in this brittle world. They were left there forever, doomed to wander between the shards, as the master of the cave troll kin laughs hoarsely.
    Rebuilding the school, Serpentus has found the mirror. Only the principal knows what use to put the magical glass’ of the troll. But for that it is neccessary to destroy the mirror, alongside with any of its guards, spawned over the years of being forgotten. Only the most united guilds, arriving to the Blissful Isle, will manage that!

    Only by killing all the bosses your Guild will be able to successfully complete the event. In addition, you will need to be as fast as possible, because you just may not have time to get to each of bosses. And for easy moving through the maze some time after the start astral portals will be opened, with which you will be able to access specific places. 
    It will be difficult to stand your ground against more powerful enemies in this massive battle, but every guild will have access to special objects that will boost their strength or hide from their enemies. And the labyrinth itself has many passages where you can sneak past the most difficult battles. So don’t be afraid of anything and bravely charge into the fray!
    Restart time: on schedule

    Guild event on a dedicated territory “Chasing Snark”
    Snark has grown bold enough to leave his lair and spoil the festivities dedicated to the opening of the School of Magic. Well, warriors, you will have to raise your weapons and go down into the dangerous labyrinth of the dark burrows, where you will need to find the entire team of the Spring King, summoned to defeat the underground monster. The Royal Hunt begins! Skulk through these narrow passages into the darkest corners, because that’s where your allies may hide, surrounded by monsters.
    And pay attention to the portals you’ll find along the way — they will bring you to abandoned rooms, which should also be checked. But keep in mind that the position of these portals is always a mystery, so to quickly find it, destroy the Pixie flying around the labyrinth — their dust will increase your movement speed.

    First stage “Team of Brave Men”
    The principal of the School of Magic, the great Serpentus, and the All-Powerful ruler of the Blissful Isle are hunting after a creepy creature called Snark! This mysterious monster has not been spotted for a long time, but recently he insidiously attacked a wagon train with flowers that were supposed to be used to decorate city buildings. Dragging the flower baskets somewhere, the creature disappeared into the dungeons of the School of Magic! A team of brave men, led by captain Bellman, has already set out in search of Snark, armed with a map - coincidentally drawn up by Snark himself. However, Bellman's daredevils won't be able to cope alone - they will need the help of a tight-knit guild that will dare to challenge Snark!

    Gather the whole team of brave daredevils: Butcher, Boots, Broker, Banker, Billiard-Marker, Baker, Barrister and Beaver. And, of course, don’t forget Captain Bellman himself! Only together you will be able to reach Snark’s Lair, where you will need the help of your allies to lure the monster into a trap. But for everyone to continue forward, you will need to defeat some especially strong enemies — Jubjub and Jabberwocky. Keep in mind that the latter doesn’t at all like the sound of a bell.
    Second stage “Snark's Lair”
    This is it, Snark's lair! The monster is hiding in an abandoned part of the garden! Beaver and Butcher have already built a trap - now they are waiting for the brave heroes to lure Snark straight into their trap. The final stage of the hunt is near!

    Snark is not really that simple to give up right away. He is defended by two vile Whippety Whips, to which you have to get through neighboring locations. And only then it will be possible to attack the main monster, who will do dirty tricks and constantly slip away from under your nose. But when you will be near your team, you can successfully end the hunt and catch Snark with the help of a special trap.
    Conditions of activation: complete 15 times any dungeon on the Blissful Isle.
    Restart time: 12 hours after the event ends.
    Raid Bosses
    The first raid boss will be available to everyone who finishes the second course of the School. You will again meet the devious Momba, who decided to remind us about herself and return to the Blissful Isle. She hides in one of the cellars of the school building, where she is brewing her most dangerous potion. Be on the lookout as this witch’s brew will become a real obstacle in fighting this fearsome witch!

    The powerful wizard seemed very friendly when he arrived on the Blissful Isle. But Wickedora was right about his true plans. Well, warriors, after graduating from the Magic School, you must be ready to throw off the Serpentus mask and show the Spring King real face of this villian!
    Serpentus arrives to the Emerald Capital and quickly earns the Spring King’s admiration by solving a several issues (that, as it turns out, were created by Serpentus himself). In return, he receives the King’s permission to re-open the School of Magic after its mysterious closure several centuries ago. The king clearly favours Serpentus, who returns the favour by quckly gets down to business and recruits his accomplices as students, who will back him in the upcoming rebellion.

    The entrance to the principal's office will only be open to those who have completed all 4 courses of study. Be careful at the first sign of danger Serpentus will call to his aid the evil creatures, who will defend his master until death. And only after it you will meet the boss himself, but in a completely different guise. Calm Principal will turn into a real monster, and only the most courageous heroes will be able to slay!
    Holiday skills
    Only during the Honoring of the Spring King each player will have access to special holiday skills. Please note that these skills cannot be used in Arena battles!
     Norbert’s Help
    The famous jack of all trades, easily mastering any wisdom and any science. A talented scout and axe fencer. All of these traits make Norbert a fantastic ally for any adventurer. Beaver is a tough one and is able to turn the strength of the enemy against themselves, and his tongue is as sharp as his axe — no foe can ignore him!
     Barberas’ Help
    These fluffy inhabitants of the Blissful Isle’s dungeons were always easy to befriend by the surface-dwellers. Since the times of settling these territories, barberases readily joined anyone who asked for their help. To enlist a barberas is a great boon, as they emanate a magical glow that will boost your strength, and their appearance will make the enemies freeze in terror.
    Also, you will find several pleasant fixes that will be added with the start of the Honoring of the Spring King:
    tips on the map of Blissful Isle (markers) will be turning off during the quest, if they will no longer be needed you (after the holiday it will be entered in all game zones); the stack size for craft resources will be increased to 50. More information and news about rewards and gifts are waiting for you soon with the release!
    See you in the game!
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    Morgana reacted to Zarie in The Unicorn   
    Das Einhorn
    Das Einhorn ist aus dem Himmel von Arinar ausgebrochen und möchte nun auf Arinar leben. Der Vater ist Black Unicorn von der Seite der Erstgeborenen. Es weiß noch nicht genau ob es gut oder böse sein möchte.
    Es besteht aus Flauschigem Stoff,Haar und Glitzer. 
    Nick: Zarie
    Server: EU-Emerald

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    Morgana reacted to Starshinee in Lady Flora   
    Lady Flora
    Em um reino distante movido de inúmeras guerras uma graciosa menina nasceu, mas havia um problema, ela era fruto de uma traição, sua mãe era uma das amantes do Rei, e quando a rainha descobriu sobre isso ordenou a execução de ambas, matando também o Rei, no entanto algo estranho ocorreu, ninguém conseguia matar aquela bela criança, então a deixaram na floresta a própria sorte, e o mais inesperado aconteceu, a floresta a reconheceu como filha a protegendo de todos.
    Conforme crescia, poderes dentro de si foram despertando, era evidente o vínculo que ela tinha com a natureza, mas ao descobrir sobre seu passado por sussurros da noite, sua alma radiante se escureceu, seu desejo de vingança se mostrou, ela planejou executar a rainha e todos aqueles que a seguiam.
    Em um dia de primavera ela apareceu nas ruas do reino, todos a olhavam com admiração, era belíssima, seus olhos eram rosas assim como os cabelos, e se alto denominava Lady Flora vinda de um dos reinos aliados.
    Ela entrou no castelo como uma verdadeira dama, e durante o jantar de boas vindas executou sua vingança, matando todos os membros da corte impiedosamente com sua magia venenosa, desaparecendo deixando apenas os cadáveres secos como evidências.
    Feito da mais pura e delicada seda, ele imita minuciosamente as roupas de Lady Flora, quando mostrou seus poderes aos membros da corte, assim como na lenda a sua representação é graciosa porém com um ar maligno.
    Todas aquelas que escolhem vestir este traje sentem seus poderes transbordar.

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    Morgana got a reaction from Brutaminos in SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME   
    I'm going with get out my way style
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    Morgana got a reaction from Drakoknight in Beginner Advice for New Players ! (Guide).   
    There are a lot of people who became amazingly strong players without having paid a penny. It takes time, effort and patience. Seems like you don't have any of those qualities
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    Morgana got a reaction from crnoss in [2019.12.05] Great Battle for territories 06.12   
    If you have any ideas on how to improve the game, please create a topic in the section 'suggestions'.
    And if you want to discuss TV series, that's what the tavern is for!😉
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    Morgana got a reaction from crnoss in [2019.12.27] The World must know its Heroes: Community's Award 2019   
    Oh, thank you! 😇🌹
    Sorry for being late but I didn't notice this topic until Lallouss tagged meIt's been some busy days during Christmas x.x
    Congratz to everyone who received a title and also thank you from my side to everyone who puts efforts in making this community as amazing as it is!
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    Morgana reacted to Missprite in Missprite - US Sapphire   
    Happy New Year From my Server To Yours !!!

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    Morgana reacted to lallouss in Flashing Screen   
    solution: each time someone pms u, ignore him. Keep repeating that till you have ignored basically everyone. ty for ur report happy holidays 
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    Morgana reacted to Bemep in You'll like it here)   
    After long hours spent in the arena, you can relax.)
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    Morgana got a reaction from Ogull in [2019.12.27] The World must know its Heroes: Community's Award 2019   
    Oh, thank you! 😇🌹
    Sorry for being late but I didn't notice this topic until Lallouss tagged meIt's been some busy days during Christmas x.x
    Congratz to everyone who received a title and also thank you from my side to everyone who puts efforts in making this community as amazing as it is!
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    Morgana got a reaction from Higgings in [2019.12.27] The World must know its Heroes: Community's Award 2019   
    Oh, thank you! 😇🌹
    Sorry for being late but I didn't notice this topic until Lallouss tagged meIt's been some busy days during Christmas x.x
    Congratz to everyone who received a title and also thank you from my side to everyone who puts efforts in making this community as amazing as it is!
  13. Haha
    Morgana got a reaction from lallouss in [2019.12.27] The World must know its Heroes: Community's Award 2019   
    Oh, thank you! 😇🌹
    Sorry for being late but I didn't notice this topic until Lallouss tagged meIt's been some busy days during Christmas x.x
    Congratz to everyone who received a title and also thank you from my side to everyone who puts efforts in making this community as amazing as it is!
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    Morgana reacted to lallouss in [2019.12.27] The World must know its Heroes: Community's Award 2019   
    @Peony @Akasha
    and congratz for the new and old Lords and Mentors @BennyBT @TheCabbage @Mecha @Ninja Owl @FakeUser @symbx @Zurp @ThiagoWanted
    and to our 2 mods @Higgings & @Morgana

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    Morgana reacted to Holmes in [2019.12.27] The World must know its Heroes: Community's Award 2019   
    Dear friends!
    The most wonderful time of the year is near, the time to review our last year, smile at our high and low moments, the moments of fun and laughter. And of course, it is time to draw conclusions, and set up goals for the new, 2020 year.

    Me, my dear @Peony and @Akasha,  want to thank every member of the community for being with us in this difficult but interesting year, for your constant and active communication. As we all know: all roads lead to the forum.
    That’s why we want to separately thank our already established crew of Legendary Mentors:
    lallous Gladiator These guys can find their place in any discussion and will always get to the truth. True legends of our community. Each of them has invested a significant part of themselves into making the forum as it is now.

    Also, we would like to thank the remarkable Lords of Knowledge:
    BennyBT TheCabbage Mecha Ninja Owl They are always happy to come to the aid of the new generation and answer all of your questions. And how many wonderful topics with guides and analyses have been created thanks to them. Each of them has brought a lot of help towards creating the friendly environment and advancing the in-game education.

    We also express our deep gratitude towards our moderators — Higgings and Morgana. Throughout the year they’ve helped us maintain order and tidiness on the forums, stopping the use of foul language and provocations, and also served as a good example for the new users.


    For many years you have united into a big team in our multifaceted game community and we hope you will gladly and honourably accept the following people into the ranks of their respective titles:

    Legendary Mentor:
    FakeUser Lord of Knowledge:
    Symbx Zurp ThiagoWanted Remember — they will always come to your aid and will help to clear the air up. Let’s give a warm welcome to them!

    And how could we do without gifts!
    Each bearer of the Legendary Mentor title and the moderators will receive a present of 40 Caches of Eternal Winter. To all beareres of the title Lord of Knowledge we gift 30 Caches of Eternal Winter each!
      Thus, with a decree from 27.12.2019 we ORDER:

    Thank you for your devotion and love for the project.
    Always yours,
    AIGRIND Team
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    Morgana reacted to Bemep in Halloween is coming to an end   
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    Morgana reacted to Xianshi in Baron and katrina   
    In winter nights
    I drink a cup of wine 
    Getting drunked in your memories
    Thinking about that day
    When I left you to walk my lonely path

    Wanting to see you
    But regrets fills my heart
    Your enchanting sight
    A memory of past

    Want to conquer the median night
    And present it you As a token of my love

    Oh this fate
    I wish for it to end

    Oh this twisted love
    Even death unable to do us apart
        In game name sdivines server -us sapphire
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    Morgana got a reaction from Akasha in I was unfairy blocked   
    Hey there!
    Please contact our technical support in order to solve your issue. They are responsible for such matters! 🙂
    Good luck and have a nice day
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    Morgana reacted to Bemep in Rottung air   
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    Morgana reacted to Bemep in Heroes in Nadir-Sard   
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    Morgana reacted to Turtle in Reforming Warlock   
    this is stupid. DEVS do not favor one side more then the other.... Locks are good as they are... awesome pvp class. pure power. i could see a merger of the two skils and a new basic coming out but thats never happened and probably wont. all classes have there strengths maybe examine your set up with skills armor and amp and see if thats the problem 
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    Morgana got a reaction from Turtle in Sentinels died?   
    It also depends on your time zone. On US-Sapphire, there are few hours a day during which a lot of people play and when it turns night in Asia, it's getting kinda empty 😄
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    Morgana got a reaction from Zoraida in WARDEN made by Elf gm   
    Attack is the best defense maybe instead of focusing on killing wardens you should attack the sentinel's flag
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    Morgana got a reaction from Turtle in This is ridiculous   
    Seriously, either make one big pointless complaints topic or non at all. But please don't start spamming the forum with everything you don't like about Sentinels. 
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    Morgana got a reaction from Avamanyar in This is ridiculous   
    If you get annoyed by people killing you:
    You might consider not to play a WAR game 🙂
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