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    Morgana got a reaction from Nolan in My Account Got Scammed   
    Hey there!
    Please contact our technical support regarding your issue ūüôā
    If I may remind you: Sharing accounts is kinda not allowedūüėĄ Such incidences as scamming can not happen if you don't share itūüėä
    Have a great day and good luck!ūüćÄ
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    Morgana reacted to iAmLemon in And they wonder why i hate sentinels   
    I mean... I'm a fairly new player and I've been killed 6 times near the level 12 dungeon on the event island.
    I knew about these risks when I started playing, why would I get mad about something that is one of the main features of the game? 
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    Morgana got a reaction from iAmLemon in Warspear online in a nutshell   
    You obviously don't know me either^^
    Maybe you did know me if you played on US-Sapphire like 2 years and longer agoūüėā¬†
    Sorry but I can't really take anyone seriously who thinks of himself as superior or badass in a freaking gameūü§∑ūüŹľ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ I used to do it too and it turned out it made me look dumb and ridiculous.
    Like what do you gain from that? 
    Ugh, don't even get me started there. 
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    Morgana reacted to Jcbreff in Warspear online in a nutshell   
    those rules are made from basic human morale and meant to ensure that human rights would be respected and no one would suffer too much
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    Morgana got a reaction from crnoss in Warspear online in a nutshell   
    Lol this is just a freaking game so I honestly wouldn't care if I had you as an enemy because it has no impact on my lifeūüėĀ
    And even if I cared, you don't know me either so it might as well be you who wouldn't want to have me as an enemyūüėč
    I don't mean to offend you but you should try to relax a little bit more to have some funūü§∑ūüŹľ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ¬†
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    Morgana got a reaction from iAmLemon in Warspear online in a nutshell   
    No definitely not¬†but this is a war game after all and there will always be some people who enjoy disturbing others... ūüėē
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    Morgana got a reaction from crnoss in Warspear online in a nutshell   
    Haha, moderators are just regular players like everyone else! Nothing special about usūüėÖ
    It used to drive me mad when I was questing, enemy players suddenly appeared and tried to kill me  The level frustration went up pretty quick :D
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    Morgana reacted to Gladiator in It's time to REDESIGN Arena   
    Everything here is personal opinion
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    Morgana reacted to Rayotenper in Thank you   
    so i done a daily quest and went out to get more dailies done,until this "penguin" appeared
    thank you so much for ruining my questing you-
    You have been banned on chat for 1 minute

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    Morgana got a reaction from crnoss in Warspear theme on violin   
    Awwww I LOVE IT!
    For some reason this makes me super nostalgic *wipes an imaginary tear*
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    Morgana reacted to Ca√≠que Tadeu in Warspear theme on violin   
    A qualidade do som e do vídeo não tá muito boa, mas valeu a intentção hehehehe
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    Morgana got a reaction from TheCaster in [2020.10.30] Welcome the new administrator - Nolan!   
    Lol taking a look at forum history...
    A LOT of patience to him 
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    Morgana reacted to Nolan in [2020.10.30] Welcome the new administrator - Nolan!   
    Thank you so much guys! I am very glad to be part of this community  
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    Morgana got a reaction from PureSix in [2020.10.30] Welcome the new administrator - Nolan!   
    Lol taking a look at forum history...
    A LOT of patience to him 
  15. Haha
    Morgana got a reaction from Nolan in [2020.10.30] Welcome the new administrator - Nolan!   
    Lol taking a look at forum history...
    A LOT of patience to him 
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    Morgana reacted to Zheret in What is this topic about?   
  17. Haha
    Morgana got a reaction from Khrone in Elfs and Forsaken are atheists   
    Maybe the whole Warspear is just about MCs and Chosens battling over who could proselytize Elves and Forsakens first, enchanting them with their skills and stuff
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    Morgana reacted to Akasha in Official Discord Server   
    I agree, and even before hiring someone for this, it would make more sense to hire in-game support. What I could consider, if I ever get the management of any WS discord channel, would be building an official bot for it and see how it goes. I will add this to the list of ideas. 
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    Morgana got a reaction from TheCaster in Official Discord Server   
    I'm the one with the pinky name (Julie)¬†ūüėĄ
    I made this discord server a few years ago and it was very active for some time but after I had started my studies at university (2 years ago) I kinda lost time and energy to participate in chats actively. 
    Not only I but also a few other forum mods/members tried hard to keep it going but the interest in it went really low.
    It's a well developed server I guess but it would¬†probably be better to have an official one with someone who really has the time to manage it as his/her jobūüėē
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    Morgana reacted to Splendor in Elfs and Forsaken are atheists   
    I think that in a modern society, every citizen in Arinar should have the right to choose what to believe. Vote Splendor for president 
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    Morgana got a reaction from Akasha in [2020.10.30] Welcome the new administrator - Nolan!   
    I'm two days late as always but still, welcome @Nolan
    Hope you're gonna have a great time being with us!
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    Morgana got a reaction from Avamanyar in Druid Icon   
    I guess an animal footprint is just fine since Druids are bonded to the nature
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    Morgana got a reaction from Gladiator in THEMERCS vs Tuanyuan in Seals Arena   
    Go Mercs go!ūüéČ
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    Morgana reacted to Higgings in DeathKnight - From Zero to Hero! [Higgings - EU-EMERALD]   
    I bid you welcome, my dear guests, in this topic. Today I'm going to write something that many of our new members may have wondered about, which can be resumed in these few questions:
    1. Is deathknight a good class to start with?
    2. Can deathknight solo bosses/baits/raid bosses?
    3. How can I build my deathknight in order to be able to solo stuff?
    4. Is it cheap to build a deathknight?
    5. which skills should I buy first?
    Well, my dear fellows, in this guide I will try to answer step by step to any of these questions, explaining also pros, cons, builds, why of these builds, statistics which deathknight may love/dislike, skills he should buy asap and so on. It's definitely a full schedule, isn't it? so let's start with a quick analysis of this class. 
    1. Analysis of the DeathKnight

    The DeathKnight is an extremely versatile tank. It can reach enormous ammounts of damage and defence, it is able to ignore a large ammount of damage dealt and, most importanlty, it becomes stronger if he's surrounded by enemies. In order to realize about this last part, though, you'll need to play for a decent ammount of time and get used to its play style. As a tank, it benefits a lot from statistics like HPs and HP regen, but it requires a lot of Mana Reserve, since its skills litterally burn out your mana reserves (high cost in general and balanced in both attack and defence - that means you'll use a lot of such skills and as a conseguence you'll see your mana drop quite quickly). Once disliked enough not to let him even join parties for Normal Berengar's Tower, as time went on this class has gained a lot of respect, becoming (according to some experienced players) the best tank existing on MC side and the 2nd in game, after the Warden. More and more players have now got in touch with this class, creating everyday wonderful builds and making it suitable for basically any scenario. I'll proceed now with further infos, but let's start to talk about a delicate topic that I'd love to talk about, and this is the equipment [2]
    2. Equipment and Suggestions
    Before starting with this section, I'd like to clarify few points. The following equipments I'm going to disclose have¬†a mere demonstrative purpose and were¬†thought for players who¬†cannot afford to buy miracle coins¬†or¬†they are at a point to decide whether to invest or not on the character. From a personal point of view, unless you're a low level arena player, I see little to zero reasons to invest on your character¬†(to buy equipments at least)¬†if you're not at least at lv18. If I had coins available, my humble conseil is to make gold with them instead of buying pieces of equipment that you'll eventually drop cause they're too outdated. But even here, don't worry! I have thought about our beloved coin-users as well! ūüėČ
    This guide will start from the Lv13, because, due to the improvement the game has made on equipments on the first islands, it is enough to select every tank item you have the opportunity to choose, when completing the quest.
    A. Selection for lv13-19

    So [ this ] is what I believe it is something good to start with. In order to achieve something like this, I hereby invite you to keep every single gold coin you receive through your journey on the first island. As you can see, the thing I focused on mostly in this equip is the HP Regeneration. I decided to choose this because on native islands and/or Irselnort (or even swamp) you might start to get in touch with strong enemies. It is important for you not to spend gold in order to get consumable items, independently if you're in battle mode or you're just resting from a fight. This build will allow you to try to be as tanky as possible. You may want to update it from time to time, but my advice is not to spend too much gold for something that will add you few points only on your build. You may also notice that I haven't (nor I will) put magic damage items on the build - the main reason is because this class has got yes some magic-based skills, but none of them are actually worth good enough to create an apposite magic build for this purpose. 
    B. Selection for lv20-25

    Now that you've finally reached this point, I believe we may start with something like [ this ]. Main improvements made with this build is the introduction of particularly new statistics. The point of all of this is to start getting in touch with them, as well as to start to look for event items, which, as you'll see soon enough, will result as a very good selection for this class. These items, especially the event ones, might be yes rare, but they are usually cheap enough and good to start with. Your defence is improved as well and defensive statistics are balanced enough to start letting you being tough enough, at least for the first part of Ayvondil. You may also want to start to join even low level guilds, in order to get used with guild mechanisms. Lately, more than amps, people seek for people who are active enough to make some gps. The best period to join a guild, in my opinion, is from the beginning of Events (Halloween - World Creation - Spring, most importantly). Guilds can give you a lot of opportunities to become rich and to improve quickly. 
    C. Selection for lv26+ 

    [ This ] is where things start to get serious. Even here it is hereby advised to keep some gold in order to improve. If you followed the previous advices, getting these items won't be too hard, especially for the event items: low level ones are usually cheap and very useful. Here I focused a lot also on offensive statistics and even more on a new statistic that this class loves: Life Steal. If you decided that it is time to invest on your character, these are just few of the many builds you may create in order to improve your character: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] 
    3. Skill Build and Suggestions 
    Here we start with another very discussed point. As you may understand, a skill buid is very, very personal, but I will try to show you the ones which, in my opinion, deserve to be levelled and those who should not. 
     Thorn of Death: Our beloved primary damage skill. No more and no less! Useful everywhere because, who doesn't like having a bit more damage? The higher the level, the higher the damage. The nice power from this skill comes from the relics you can put on it. We will discuss about this later. Having it at 5/5 would make of that work at its maximum power, and I honestly don't dislike it
     Exhalation of Darkness: This is a mix of a Magic Attack combined with a Stun which lasts 1.5 s. The stunning ability is even more appreciated than the damage itself which, thanks to the latest class' update, lasts up to 4 seconds if maxed. If you love the stunning capabilities of this class, as well as magic damage, you might want to show this skill some love and level it up to 3/5 or even maxing it by removing the points from thorn and add them here (not advised unless PvP - the skill doesn't deal critical damage). The buff will not disappear if the attack gets parried/blocked/dodged; something you'd better keep in mind ^^ (UPD 9.3.0!)
     Provocation: It's the skill every tank class has got. It protects the healer from the rage of the enemy and the damager from the same reason. It has a low cool down - good reason to add in it some good relics, don't you think? On PvP, it makes the enemy lose the current target. Make sure, if you are PvE, to have this skill at level 3/5 at least
     Threads of Darkness: One of the most intriguing skills the DK posseses. It pulls the enemy close to the DK, in order to expose him to your party (or simply to an enraged DK). There are some more things this skill allows you to do: the enemy pulled in this way sees also the damage received increased and he won't be able to move for a short period of time. Increasing the level of this skill will allow you to increase the ammount of time the "Increased damage" debuff lasts and the ammount o time the enemy stands on the ground. Honestly, I believe that the very reason people use this skill for is the ability to pull a very far away enemy close to you, and not for the other two effects; due to this, I would recommend to keep this skill at 1/5 
     Dark Shield: The main defensive skill of this class. Very efficient skill considering that you only need to press it once in order to make it work. It is highly def-dependant, hence, in order to make it as strong as possible, you may want to keep this statistic as high as possible. A good combo with this skill is the use of Aura of Hatred and some relics which increase Dark Wing's effectiveness. Increasing its level will also increase the chances to work, the time it lasts. Having this skill at 5/5 is quite a must, if you ask me.
    And now about experts - this will be quite hard for me but I'll try as well. 
     Saturation: This is one of the key skills of this class. In exchange of a (quite too high currently - 10%) percentage of HPs, your Life Steal parameter will higly increase for a short ammount of time. Perhaps it was necessary to create specific life steal builds in order to use this skill but as for now, if you don't plan to have a lot of HPs, this skill can be a nice power up in order to survive by killing you enemies. It has a good synergy with Steel Hurricane and a LOT of mobs surrounding you. That was just a little hint, where the skill Threads of Darkness might result in a good way to make the enemy very close to you. The first disadvantage, maybe, relies indeed on the high ammount of Hps required to use this skill and the way too short ammount of time it lasts, even maxed, however, under a certain percentage of your maximum HPs, the skill won't require any sacrifice, depending on the level of the skill (UPD 9.3.0!).
     Steel Hurricane: It is a damage skill: it deals damage to every enemy surrounding the DK up to 1 yard from it. Levelling this skill up will increase the ammount of damage the skill deals but it won't increase the radius of the skill. It works well combined with Aura of Hatred which will increase the damage dealt even more. It won't be a bad idea to combine it also with Saturation. if you see yourself crowded by mobs... and to speed things up, it won't be a bad idea to pull an enemy closer to you with Threads of Darkness either ^^. It works pretty well in PvE, so I encourage the player to take it among the first experts selected. Having this skill at 3/4 or even maxed won't be a bad decision. Totally bad idea if you plan to go for PvP - there are better skills to max. It's a good alternative also for the every day more popular Magic Damage builds, as the type of damage dealt depends on the prevailing ammount of damage the class has got (e.g. you got more physical = it deals physical dmg; you got more magical dmg = it deals magical damage!) (UPD 9.3.0!)
     Death Call:. The AoE aggro skill. It spreads an aura which aggros every enemy close to the DK and deals Magic Damage for 4 times. The damage depends on the skill level as well as the ammount of magic damage the DK has got. Increasing its level will see a larger ammount of aggro given, increased aggro time and the damage dealt increases a bit more. Do not understimate this skill in PvP: making a crowd of players lose their target while it's fighting against another crowd of players is not something a player should understimate, especially in a scenario where you shall think and act fast. If you plan to be a PvE player, then this skill is one of the first ones you should get. For a maximized power, make it at least 3/4, but it will work perfectly fine even at 2/4
     Aura of Hatred: It's a buffing skill. Increases the DK's defensive and offensive numerical statistics for a certain period of time. Levelling it up will make the skill last longer and improves the effect of the buffs given, and it combines perfectly with Dark Shield - which will work better - and Steel Hurricane - which will deal more damage. It is a jack of all trades, but a long cool down, justified by the ammount of power this skill basically gifts. Maxing this skill out might result in a wise choice, but in that case, make sure to have got at least 15% of CoolDown parameter, so that you won't have to wait for too long in order to re-use it. 
     Sharp Shadow: Elusive skill: it works as a ranged skill and it is able to stun the enemy dealing him High Magic Damage. It might work combined with Saturation. and that will result in a sort of Healing if Saturation is actived, but the ammount of HPs you spend for that skill will not, unfortunately, be healed back by that combo. This skill is the best friend of PvP DKs and the worst enemy for Healers, alongside  Blow of the Silence: if you plan to PvP, make this skill 4/4, otherwise, don't buy it at all. 
     Secret Reserves: Very hated skill, once, but after the several adjustments it has received now it became quite balanced. It is a Passive Skill and, in order to work decently, requires to have a lot of HP Regeneration. Although it might seem a very bad skill, combined with Blood Protection might grant the Dk a chance to survive in critical moments and it's still used a lot on PvP on tough moments. I would still recommend it on PvP though (4/4) - with the right build -  especially against Damagers, which will basically need to kill you twice with that and,who knows, in the meanwhile it might be you the winner this time. From time to time, you may want to seek for a particular book that boosts decently the ammount of HP regen given as well as more HPs, which are always welcome in PvP: Power of Life 
     Blow of the Silence: Skill that denies the enemy from using his skills. Increasing its level will see the effectiveness increased (up to 8s, which is incredibly high). Increases also the Magic damage and the Physical damage deal on the next attack. It is a skill that might seem a must to max, but in a ManyVSMany scenario, I can personally guarantee that it works perfectly even at 1/4. If you face some tough guys though, you may want to make it maxed so that he'll need way more time to recover. 
     Blood Protection: understimated skill, due to the little ammount of time it lasts and for the very high cool down it has. However, in 1 vs many scenarios it reveals to be an extremely useful skill, especially if maxed, which will give time to your mates (or even to yourself) to heal up/use a potion. If you are on the first stage of the game and you want to learn stuff like Labyrinth, then I would recommend to at least make it 3/4 until you become confident enough to live without it. 
     Knight's Curse: Interesting skill, incredibly useful when in party or alone if you add a bit of magic damage on your equipment. It suits perfectly in both PvP and PvE scenarios, because it can be affected by buffing parameters (Rage/Fury of Dephts/Ferocity). On underwater territories it can deal massive damage if the Deathknight uses a Spear or Mace (make sure to pick up magic damage items though ^^). The only con I'd point out is the use of magic damage: if  you decided not to have such statistic in your build then this skill might not be that cool; buy this skill only if you are planning to add a bit of magic damage in your equipment. It can be perfectly combined with Blow of the Silence and through that you can mute your enemy from any distance (as long as 1 - there is fire on the ground and 2 - the enemy doesn't move from the zone; it can work anyway even if someone steps on the fire and you trigger Blow of the Silence)
    4. Statistics and Improvements you may want to read about
    This is the point that I'd like to show my ideas about which statistics you should base your character on. First on the list of course is:
    -Life Steal: it is useless to point out that this statistic is quite a must for a perfect DK. However, Life Steal runes (from which you get basically 16% of Life Steal) are quite expensive, and this is a reason of why I told you not to change too many items at the first stage of your jurney with this class. Nonetheless, if you manage to get a good ammount of such statistic, you may want to combine it with two more, and they respectively are Critical Hit and Accuracy. Critical hit will allow you to double your damage and from it you will also double the ammount of HP you heal from your enemies. Don't forget to make sure to aggro as much enemies as possible - even low level ones (actually, they're the best ones) - and to use Steel Hurricane to maximize the work. Accuracy is necessary because you won't heal from your enemies if you can't hit them.
    In order to maximize Life Steal you may also want to use some relics: Terrible relic of Steal Health (use it on Threads of Darkness), Terrible Relic of Vampirism (Use it on Provocation and eventually on Dark Shield too; If you have to choose, definitely Provocation) and Terrible Relic of Blood-Devourer (on Thorn of Death). These relics shall be used wisely: use Threads of Darkness in case you are facing a mob which will surely resist your skill - this shall grant you free Life Steal for some time. While recovering, you may want to use Blood Protection in order to reduce even more the damage received and to get the maximum ammount of life back - this is in case you're soloing bosses, or simply if you're on a hard time but you're too lazy to click on the potion. If you arrived to the point to be rich enough to buy the server, then you may want to consider to get these 3 books for you: Enhanced Steal Health , Secret Power of Vampirism , Distorsion of Life 

    In order to maximize Critical Hit i hereby recommend the use of the Icy relic of Rampage on Exhalation of Darkness - mind that you'll need the use of another statistic in order to trigger this relic, which is:
    -Rage: this statistic revealed to be handy in every situation, not only for the damage buff it gives, but also thanks to the second effect, which will increase your HPs if you kill an enemy (being under rage effect) with a level Higher or the Same as yours. This is why I strongly recommend to put this statistic somewhere on your equip - as weapon/shield or crystal on your equipment. This statistic also allows you to use one of the best relics DKs can use: Icy Relic of Intractability. Equipping it to Dark Shield. and using it while being on rage buff, this relic will increase the effectiveness of your skill by 40%, without further costs! This statistic is perfect for classes who have use of DoT skills and, thankfully, DKs have got Death Call.
    -CoolDown:. this statistic is quite good to have for our class. In case you realize to have something like 70/80 Energy Regen, then you may consider to replace an Energy Regen crystal with this one. I wouldn't recommend the use of Penetration; More damage means more life recovered through life steal, but remember that you'd have to replace a good crystal with this. It is not our job to deal damage: there are better classes for that ^^
    -Stun: It is a statistic that can help you to earn some time during hard situations like "Descent in the Grotto" event, although not useful anymore if combined with Death Call because, due to the recent update, the stun does not trigger with the damage dealt through this skill. If you realize to have a lot of accuracy, then you may want to replace an Accuracy Crystal with a Stun Crystal on on your shield (25% of accuracy is more than enough for a tank). Relics like Relic of Stun will be fine enough for the same use. 
    This is all. I realize that I perhaps could have written way more specific stuff, but I want this skill to cope with the comprehension of new people who decided to approach with this class for the first time or simply for the ones who would like to know something more about this class. Mind one little thing also: I tried as much as possible to avoid to put specific statistics such as the Cool Down time of every single skill or the precise time a skill lasts, because this is a kind of information a player can simply find in game. Every word given here comes from my game experience and on how i personally play this class. I hope not to have disappointed the expectations of the way more experienced players than me, praying also that from this guide may grow comments which might eventually improve the content of the topic itself. 
    I thank you all for your kind attenction and I bid everyone a Nice Day! 
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    Morgana reacted to Higgings in [2020.05.23] Warspear Online 8.4: Underwater adventures. Preview   
    It's not Julie who isn't aware of that. 
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