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    Morgana reacted to LeeLoo in [2022.07.29] In developing: Almahad, the Isle of Chainless League. Part I   
    Anything is possible... let's wait for the release of the next diaries and find out the details! 
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    Morgana reacted to LeeLoo in [2022.07.29] In developing: Almahad, the Isle of Chainless League. Part I   
    Dear friends!
    It's time to take a look at the devs diaries and find out some details about the upcoming big adventure in the Warspear Online universe! As you already understood from the title, we will talk about a completely new island, which right now is being created by the efforts of our development team.
    An expedition to uncharted lands requires preparation, so we will reveal some secrets of the new territory for you in advance. Today we're going to talk about the features of the island and guide you through the storyline, and in the following diaries you will learn about the new game mechanics of the global update, which is scheduled for release in the summer of 2023. We remind you that the project is in developing, which means that any elements may be changed by the time of release.
    Well, get ready, because we begin!
    History of Almahad Isle
    The fame of the power of the Chainless League resounded everywhere from time immemorial, but until now crafty merchants were reluctant to share stories about the lands of their ancestors - the distant Almahad island, lying in the east of Arinar. It's time to hear the history of the island!
    Long time before the start of the War for the Spear, the fruitful lands of the Almahad became the cradle of the human civilization created by Harad. The mentors of the human tribes were the Jakkars, who passed on to their wards the knowledge of writing and constructing. Over time, people began to worship jakkars and built majestic pyramids in which jakkars hid from the blinding sun, and ziggurats for observing heavenly bodies. No one knows for sure the fate of this first civilization - now only silent ruins of stone buildings and echoes of the mystical cult of the Black Sun remind of it. One thing is clear: when the Great Rift split the single Arinar, most of the once rich lands of Almahad turned into a lifeless desert, the inhabitants of the island had to temporarily forget about ancient beliefs and plunge into the struggle for existence. In these years of famine, when trade was the only key to salvation, the guilds reached unprecedented power on the Almahad. Soon, most of the scattered settlements united in an economic union - the League of Chainless Trade Cities of Almahad, and the city of Er-Sahil, built on the ruins of a destroyed sanctuary, became the capital of the union. Thus began a new era in the history of Almahad - a history in which you have to write many glorious pages!

    In search of an artifact
    As you understand, now Almahad is experiencing a real heyday and has become a place of pilgrimage for desperate adventurers and adventurers. But the warriors of Arinar on the island are in for a serious test!
    After completing the storyline on Sector V of Ayvondil, the Alliances take possession of powerful artifacts that can eliminate the threat to Arinar. Each Alliance is sure that only his artifact will give an undeniable advantage and help win the War for the Spear. However, it soon turns out that over the centuries spent in the roots of the Tree of Life, the artifacts have fallen asleep. In order to awaken them, the power of an equally ancient and powerful artifact is needed. Rumor has it that such treasures are the real passion of the Chainless League merchants, who collect and export antiquities from all over Arinar to Almahad.
    It seems that both Alliances need heroes who will dare to travel far and get the desired artifact! Merchant Danair is ready to give you his ticket to the ship that goes to Er-Sahil, the capital of the Almahad. You can't miss this opportunity, right? And now the hot east wind blows the sails of the ship... Almahad Isle is ahead!

    Map of Almahad Isle
    The territory of the island is common to all factions and is divided into several parts. In its southern part is the city of Er-Sahil, in the port of which you arrive at the beginning of the storyline. To the north of the city is a desert with an area called Golden Sands. Impassable mountains will separate Golden Sands from other game sectors. In the first release, two territories will be available - the Mirage Desert and the Scorpion Kingdom. In total, it is planned to release five different game sectors during the several years. After reading the diary to the end, you will find how each part of the island is connected.

    The capital Er-Sahil
    The adventure begins as soon as you go ashore! The capital of Almahad is different from the usual small settlements of Irselnort. The multi-level city gradually rises from the port - immediately behind the port taverns, endless city slums begin, which are replaced by an equally vast market area with multi-colored tents of street tradesmen. It looks like you can buy and sell anything in this place, but don't be fooled! Here you have to go through the first part of the quests.

    In the center of the capital, the white-stone palace of the caliph is hidden behind high walls. If luck is on your side, the current caliph named Ziryam Sahib will honor you with an audience, but you should not relax after a magnificent reception in the palace. It's no secret that the real power in the Chainless League belongs to the Council of the Golden Belts, which includes the heads of the leading guilds. You have to see each of the opposing sides of this unique world, run around the rooftops and even fly in a hot air balloon, but do not forget about the main goal - finding an artifact for your Alliance. As you progress through the storyline, you will learn that information about the location of the artifact should be found in the guild staffs, which are also located in the city.
    Non-playable guilds of Almahad
    At first, you will meet two of the five guilds represented in the Almahad. Did you realize that nothing on this island is what it seems? Similarly, non-playable guilds in Almahad do not intersect with the usual military guilds in any way and are separate coalitions, interaction with which promises you unique advantages. We will tell you in details about all the possibilities and features of interaction with non-playable guilds in the following diaries, but for now, keep in mind that first you need to gain the trust of each of them by completing the quests of meeting and joining a guild. In addition, the island of the Chainless League does not welcome the “play both sides”, which means that at the same time you can only be a member of one non-playable guild.
    Each of the Almahads guilds has its own unique characteristics, but all of them are united by the desire for unlimited power and faith in the power of the main shrine - the mysterious rim of the Black Sun. After receiving orders from the heads of the guilds, you understand that the true solution to the mystery of the artifact is located outside the city walls.
    Real strength tests await you as soon as you leave the city! The fortress walls protect Er-Sahil from the sandy whirlwinds that rage in the desert and are impassable for a foot traveler. As you understand, you need special “vehicles” to move around. Maybe you already have an idea what it is?

    The Mirage Desert
    The search for an artifact in the Mirage Desert is impossible without the participation of the true owners of this part of the island - the genies. The monstrous power of magic has changed the face of the Mirage Desert, because genies get here after fulfilling the three wishes of their masters. Even after gaining freedom, genies stayed true to their habit of living in houses resembling oil lamps, but now this ancient city is almost completely destroyed.

    The city's slums, commercial and rich areas have suffered greatly from the endless confrontation between the genies-lawyers and the rebellious genies who managed to get their freedom through dishonest way. The latter even entered into an alliance with ifrits - distant relatives of the genies, personifying chaos and the fury of fire. The fiercest battles take place near the ruins of the city walls, not far from the entrance to the sector, and it looks like the rebellious genies and ifrits are victorious.

    To turn the tide of confrontation, you will have to cross the Mirage Desert and make your way to the temple district, where the ifrits and genies-betrayers live, and there is also the Temple of the Unfulfilled with great magical power contained in it. In addition, to advance in the storyline, you will need to deal with ifrits!
    The Scorpion Kingdom
    The Scorpion Kingdom is a country of brave warriors, a land of luxurious royal tombs, fierce fights in the arena, hidden sanctuaries of jakkars and endless confrontation that has been raging in these lands since ancient times. Is that why the sand in this part of the desert has acquired a red tint?

    An ancient curse dominates on the Scorpion Kingdom, turning its people into cruel and bloodthirsty monsters - half-humans, half-scorpions, and the new king attacks the Chainless League caravans, wanting to take control of trade routes, but it is in your power to stop it! To do this, you will have to find the true cause of the cruelty that is happening here by going to the Valley of the Kings, where the ancient rulers of the kingdom are buried in the majestic pyramids. After completing this part of the quests, your reward will be not only the freeing people from the curse, but also the approach to the main goal - the artifact... 
    Golden Sands
    Exploring the mountain paths on the borders of the Scorpion Kingdom and the Mirage Desert, you will easily find many caves that will lead you to the desert of Golden Sands. Be prepared in advance for the fact that it will be really hot there, because it will be a territory of open and fierce confrontations - both between individual players and between military alliances. Various activities will take place on the territory of Golden Sands, as well as special guild opportunities and content available only to members of a certain non-playable guild will open there.

    As you understand, the island of the Chainless League is not a place where you can survive alone, relying only on old knowledges and combat skills. Choosing any of the sides of this many-sided and changeable world, be ready to learn new skills and open new talents, as well as a new hierarchy system... But we will tell you about this in details in one of the next issues.
    See you in the vastness of Arinar!
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    Morgana got a reaction from Drakoknight in Beginner Advice for New Players ! (Guide).   
    There are a lot of people who became amazingly strong players without having paid a penny. It takes time, effort and patience. Seems like you don't have any of those qualities
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    Morgana got a reaction from Maid in Tag der Deutschen Einheit   
    Hallo alle zusammen
    Trotz der wenigen deutschen Warspearspieler und Forumnutzer wünsche ich euch allen einen wunderschönen Feiertag! Genießt die Zeit ohne Arbeit und Pflichten und verbringt ihn mit den Leuten, die euch am Herzen liegen.
    Ich persönlich habe zwar nicht während der Teilung Deutschlands gelebt aber sowohl Geschichte als auch Familie bringen einem jedes Jahr nahe, wie wichtig es ist die Zeit zu nutzen, die man miteinander hat.
    Auch wenn vieles in der Politik nicht reibungslos verläuft, gerade heutzutage, seid trotzdem stolz auf das, was Deutschland nach und während der Wiedervereinigung geleistet hat! Wir können uns wirklich glücklich schätzen, dass es uns so gut geht

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    Morgana reacted to Venkery in [2022.03.17] Warspear Online 10.3 Update: Secret of portals. Release   
    Can we just appreciate how beautiful and well made this art is
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    Morgana got a reaction from lore in i want become a crab and rave   
    Crabs are somehow ugly animals. That's how I feel about them🧐
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    Morgana got a reaction from crnoss in Can i consider this harassment?   
    I see, it's just the same as two years ago😂 feels good to see that some things never change lol
    And @Buuuu is the best! If you get the chance to join his guild, take it! Then you also have very strong players to support you when you're questing or wanna do arena, whatever...
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    Morgana reacted to Nosotraes in Can i consider this harassment?   
    Every topic this dude posts is better than the last one lmao. No, you can't sue someone because they are better than you.
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    Morgana reacted to Buuuu in Can i consider this harassment?   
    Haha hi
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    Morgana reacted to Higgings in Can i consider this harassment?   
    You're aware you're playing a war game, aren't you?
    You will never see a player banned because he did what the game asks him to do. 
    It's not supporting in any way. It's me telling you the obvious. 
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    Morgana reacted to Higgings in Hilfe bei Aufgabe   
    Könntest du uns ein Screenshot über das quest schicken? So dass wir besser dein Problem verstehen können.
    Danke! :) 
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    Morgana reacted to mashunecka in ice golem   
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    Morgana reacted to Nosotraes in How many players are willing to help?   
    >Social problems
    >and that makes me wanna point them with a gun
    Gee mister, I sure wonder why.
    On a serious note, most players don't give a flying duck about what is happening. They need buffs for their precious dungeon grinding.
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    Morgana got a reaction from crnoss in Merry Christmas!   
    Random revival
    Merry Christmas everyone!!!
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    Morgana reacted to Drakoknight in Merry Christmas!   
    Merry Christmas everyone! 
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    Morgana reacted to Higgings in [2020.12.24] Update Warspear Online 9.2: Architects' Competition. Release   
    My most joyful, sincere and warm Merry Christmas to all of our members, Admins and Devs! May next year be happier and full of new achievements more than this one!

    P.S.: @Morgana has also showed her Greetings, but I litterally lost the topic in which she did such greetings, so I apologize 
    Found it! 
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    Morgana got a reaction from crnoss in one of most active guilds, "Delicious" got hacked (Eu-Emerald)   
    But Higgi...
    Sorry for the caps
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    Morgana got a reaction from Lyzoic in one of most active guilds, "Delicious" got hacked (Eu-Emerald)   
    But Higgi...
    Sorry for the caps
  19. Haha
    Morgana got a reaction from Drakoknight in one of most active guilds, "Delicious" got hacked (Eu-Emerald)   
    But Higgi...
    Sorry for the caps
  20. Haha
    Morgana got a reaction from Higgings in one of most active guilds, "Delicious" got hacked (Eu-Emerald)   
    But Higgi...
    Sorry for the caps
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    Morgana got a reaction from Mooh in one of most active guilds, "Delicious" got hacked (Eu-Emerald)   
    Lol we should take the topic to Twitter and make #SaveDelicious the worldwide trending hashtag no.1
    Anyway, hope you guys will have a shot at getting your guild back 😕 It sucks to lose something that became like family and especially if it's something everyone put a lot of effort in to build...
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    Morgana got a reaction from crnoss in Median Night vs World Creation   
    I looooove Snowboundaries because Winter is my all time favourite season, has always been and always will be! And the female costumes are so elegant, cute and prettyIt totally gives me happy Winter vibes (despite people killing each other xD)!
    Though a few years ago there was a Halloween with a chess and little snow theme which I also loved very much The dark mysterious Halloween mood always gets me as well!😄
    Both events have their charms 
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    Morgana got a reaction from Higgings in Median Night vs World Creation   
    I looooove Snowboundaries because Winter is my all time favourite season, has always been and always will be! And the female costumes are so elegant, cute and prettyIt totally gives me happy Winter vibes (despite people killing each other xD)!
    Though a few years ago there was a Halloween with a chess and little snow theme which I also loved very much The dark mysterious Halloween mood always gets me as well!😄
    Both events have their charms 
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    Morgana reacted to junliang in 【技能介绍】酋长-版本10.2.0   
    冷却:12 秒
    冷却:13 秒
    蓝量消耗(MP) :14/17/18/19/22
    冷却:18 秒
    4 / 5.5 / 7 / 8.5 / 10 秒的加速,
    效果为 10/20/30/40/50%,
    冷却:18 秒
    简介: 将指定范围(3 * 3)的敌人困住,并降低敌人
    持续 4/4/5/5/6 秒。
    使用“鹰眼”、“奇袭之师”、“灵猫反射”或“疯狂”时,会获得一层“”鹰族与狮族的激活效果,效果激活后会提高10%/12%/14 % / 16 %的暴击
    使用“狼之敏捷”、“瘟疫诅咒”、“残怒怒火”“狼群支援”或“精神净化”时,将获得一个“狼族与鼠族”的激活效果,三层激活后会提高3%/4%/ 4.5 % / 5.5 % 的渗透率
    冷却时间 :26 秒
    简介: 释放一只瘟疫老鼠从从身边开始慢慢走到释放位置,站在瘟疫老鼠附近(3*3)的敌人会在里面
    冷却时间 :22 秒
    12%/ 22%/ 32%/ 42%伤害的“结实兽皮”增益,
    然后持续持续期间每失去2.5%的血量,就会增加0.4%/ 0.6%/ 0.8%/ 1%的减伤效果。
    6%/ 7%/ 8%/ 9%的命中
    10%/ 12%/ 14%/ 16%的暴击
    如果任何攻击被闪避,还能增加7%/ 8%/ 9%/ 10%的命中,持续4/5/6/7秒。
    如果装备单手武器武器时,,增加5%/ 10%/ 15%/ 20%的攻击速度
    如果装备双手武器时,增加5%/ 7%/ 9%/ 11%的渗透
    冷却时间 :20 秒
    连击次数为:3/3/4/5 次
    冷却时间 :30 秒
    免控持续时间为:3 /4/5/6秒
    蓝量消耗(MP) : 0
    冷却时间 :22 秒
    消除增益状态:1/2/2/3 个
    马鲁特尔 / 郁金香(Marutl / Tulips)

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    Morgana reacted to triggeredAF in Median Night vs World Creation   
    Xmas setting is better tbh
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