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    I'm disagreeing!!! Jk, nice guild, nice people Keep it up! I would like to go tourney against you again :3
  2. Deutsche Gilde im Süd- Asien Server haha schon cool...aber bin leider auch US- Server :/ Viel Glück und Erfolg!
  3. That's senseless and won't work. Earn the respect of other players and they won't gank you like they don't gank me
  4. On BD's is definitly missing Mrskrillex he's active and very very VERY good skilled, the best i know so far and i'm not only saying it 'cause he's my bf. Ranger -> xxamitxx, Priest -> Elwinoa, Druid -> Xanands instead of Neelu. Kick Hihinice out of BD's list ( Sorry Nik), other option is Swagathero. That's what i would change in your ranking
  5. Awwww haha np Sis And ty very much!! :*
  6. Being a good person doesn't mean she's a good bd. Even my bd has almost 300 more damage than hers :3 And in my opinion the best BD's are Mrsrkillex, Swagathero, Tpain, xxpinoyxx, Kickexgun, Mrvendetta, Kalamata and Critcree! and of course Axekillz if he still was there
  7. Ok ty i told him haha now hes heartbroken
  8. In which server do you play? A friend in my guild wanted to know it he says you are hot
  9. Lol I'm damn disappointed..the Invigorating Stream never was a very good skill but seriously now? :/ You removed push, you removed the heal on everyone within a radius of 3 yards, just the one with lowest hp gets a little heal which isn't really much.As i saw not even 300hp. At least give the heal of 311hp on skill level 1/4 on everyone in the radius back, at the moment i really have no idea for what i should use that skill as druid and i guess i am not the only one. Good sides of this update: - Chaos Potion - It shows who killed who - Skill cooldown of Stream went down, but doesn't really matter to me because I'm gonna remove that skill now .
  10. They update the game to make it funnier and more liked for the players. Maybe we don't know how much work it is to get the ideas for a new update and to do it, so i think it's OK that they wanna earn money for it. But in one point you right, 1 vs 1 should be free. It's the same as we would pvp MC so I don't get the point why we have to pay for it now
  11. Kinda intresting how fast discusions about an update turn into personal fights o.O Guys, calling eachother noobs won't help anyone so why can you not just stay friendly?
  12. i have to agree with death i also saw it failing a few times. there are always skill bugs and it's getting annoying :/ another example the shattered stone of mage fails sometimes and doesn't hit the attacking enemy.
  13. Thank you, Invigorating Stream 20 seconds cool down :* it always annoys me to wait almost a minute till i can use it again :/ One question: If i level up the Stream, what eaxctly will increase? The heal or the yards the enemy can be pushed away? Incase it's just the heal which increases, could you please make the radius 4 yards instead of 3? 3 yards is not really useful and the skill often bugs, either it pushes normal 3 yards or its shows like 7-8 yards which is really confusing cause i think the enemy is far away but he still can hit me. I lost many pvps bacause of that bug, I would be really happy if you could fix it everything else on this update is top!
  14. just thought you would comment that stalking part about you in their discusion
  15. I'm still waiting for Roland to comment this Don't disappoint here dude
  16. Ty for the talk today Sapphire. I'm glad we solved it now it seems like it was a stupid misunderstanding
  17. Do you scare me? =O ok np lets keep the peace bro! I don't like fights anyway
  18. Hahaha skizo what you gonna do to me heh? wanna call nbk to kick me out of cave? Ok no problem...oh wait i forgot there is one...i'm friends with ani and deli and i like nbk i just didn't like the way sapphire talked about sithlords cause they earn respect and turtle: i don't think their will be many persons who don't like me i'm always friendly except to persons like sapphire who are also talking shit about other people
  19. 1. THEMERCS are the best that's obviously 2. Omg sapphire whatever your problem is...gtfo, leave the game, no one likes you probably not even nbk How does it feel to be non liked?
  20. Well seems like you don't know much :)cute you are over 50 years old and still not grown up... respect
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