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  1. Yes, what is this about?
  2. FMA Mage for sure ADR must go to the Death Knight!
  3. @Aкasha I get your point that older players could have started with crafting earlier :P And as you said, for new players there are plenty of other achievements to do but I find that they should have the same chance of getting those achievements as old players, so the achievement at level 14 Damn it took me hell a long time to figure out how to spell your name :D
  4. Yeaaa you know you're gonna have to listen to me saying it everytime you tell me that you are afk to smoke
  5. You need to have 12 approved posts before you can upload one :)
  6. Uhh, that's a good question :D I will move this topic to the support section :)
  7. I did calculations and for me it cost over 100k gold for common scrolls until I had cloth crafting at level 14 :P 100k isn't that tragic though but I'm thinking about the future if I go for level 20 at ALL sections and not only level 14 at one
  8. Because I wasn't interested in crafting until achievements for it appeared. That time the max level was 14 and possible to reach but when I started gaining for medals it was at level16, I started with one section, leveled it to level14 and stopped because it just took too much time. It's not only for myself but also for newcomers on Warspear. For myself I don't worry that much because I managed to reach 350+ medals without them but like I said, it just takes hell a lot of time and when you are maybe done with 1-3 sections for the other sections the level might have been increased already . If the levels for achievements permanently increase it more or less will take over half a year for one section to finish to the final level
  9. Actually I'm pretty amazed of this update but I still got an urgent question about the craft achievements which I wanna ask since a year or longer but I keep on forgetting x.x Well there are those achievements for which you have to reach the max. level of each of the craft sections and I find it pretty unfair that it's increasing with every craft update since it takes a really, really long time to even manage one section to complete. Also considering the amount of money you have to spend on scrolls etc., many players won't ever be able to finish those achievements (including me :P). And earlier people were able to get that achievement at the craft level 14, so shouldn't it be put back to that limit, like "reach the 14th level" and not the max. level x.x Ain't whining!!!! Just asking if it was possible!
  10. Hey there! Do you wanna spend real money ingame or not? It's actually pretty easy to reach 5k defense if you are able to get some decent gear amped to +8 or so. You wouldn't need a shield then and could use a spear with more damage.
  11. Depends on what you mean with account code. The number an account gets when it's a new created one?
  12. Yep I'm pretty much unhappy as well because so many people just have tons of bank characters on which they never play and only store items on -_-