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  1. how you get that 3k mdef? i got my arena staff lvl17 on +8 my equipment is full gt, lvl18 amulet of healing darkness, gear is: ring +7 vestment +8 rest +6 oh and whats your in game name? :)
  2. How you get through the mob packs? I am lvl 20 necro with full gt and half on magic def runes. i got 2400mdef. how much you need to solo bosseS In lab and get there safety? And did they change drops of map 1? fat toad does´t drop me anything anymore :S thought he drops lvl9 weapons
  3. Make that new instance available for everyone ...dont give it at entrance fee like stamina or tournament wins.... and THEN bring in a indide instance tournament which is won by who got through the dongeon fastest or which party haed most crit some duck only top and bored players care about ... and give them a crimson reward for that tournament... gear really shouldnt be only available to 1% of all players. Oh i forgot the money ...well since ws mentality is that nothing is for free make 10 entrances per day free and let rest pay. Or go with 20 free so man can paticipate once wothout dying thr
  4. i agree with your arguments. All true!! Game gets shitty. You pay for stamina and loose by lag. You thinkok lab is free you hang in there for an hour and you make it to b4..then again you loose by lag. You try your selfs at bosses and get shit. You wasted your time and start to think for what sou jused this time and a repair scoll for nothing profitable....but jeah tower is worst.. i mean heroic and you get 2 def....but payed 9k gold for ducking 5 tries of which 3 stam are wasted by lag. duck this shit. No need to mention craft and tournement.biggest fails ever in updates
  5. As hard as servers are currently lagging you see they don t spent much of made money into keeping the game running. and highest armor only for top 3 guilds meaning 1,5 guilds on each side can go into a New developed dungeon......great the rest 3k guilds dont even get to see this "new development" lol they cant stuff enoughpney into their pockets...just going for the ppl who spent money but game will get borig for them too if rest of player die at one hit..... strange calculation airgind csme up with ...
  6. people already sell the crafting lvl3 stafes for a fifth of production costs or less ;) onlything missing that you can loose your resourcesin every crafting step. then it will become a true warspear gameplay thing. just ridiciolous
  7. So far Crafting failed. -devs said crafting is there to stop the endless boss hunts. now it even worse.you need certain party arrangement for catalyst drops and you need a hell lot of catalysts. just take it mathematic: sd staff costs 200k gold..you can make same staff for 18ethereal catalyst of wich every single one costs 85-100k gold... besides that it will cost you like endless gold to reach the crafting lvl you could buy 9 sd staffs for that price of the catalyst xD i mean wtf. and that catalyst drops more.rare than the weapon itself....me and my friends stopped crafting ond se
  8. They should pick half resolution for sgs 3 pls do it devs it cant be such a big thing to do.like on change in commandline??
  9. On sg s2 i saw about jalf map on screen and 3/4 of horizontal screen was filled with skill and hotkey bar. now on sgs3 i can look from map edge to map edge and the skillbar makes about 1/4 or 1/3 of horizontal display length. giving you 3mm x 3mm field for each skil, player or shop to select which is simply too small. I have friends ppaying ws on on other android platforms also saying that everything is redicously small on screen and that i can see twice as much of map then them. Pls pps fix thiss. You want money for an unfinished game then at least make it play equal on all and
  10. HI have you guys ever tried your game on sg s3? and if so did you play healer? bcause its nealy impossible to select right person. Just trie solo moon and it will abort after max half of life because you miss tap the duck. And if you still could manage it go to tower normal...this ducking small graphics is unplayable. And pls fix that players postions. how come on my phone i stand below boss on friends i stand in boss? this is A MESS!!!
  11. hey i got shooters skin for ranger on mc side by opening surprise chest. what should i do with it no one can use ot and i cant trade wit elf. is this a bug or joke? :D
  12. Ok you guys close topics without answering so i guess its ok to use bots? I ll make that hord of warlocksto block mc land. Correct me if i am wrong, but since you don t reply on my topics i guess you dont care.or dev play elfs.anyways i llnread myself into this bot shit and maybe when cl is completly impossible you guys react....you and your ""support" are pissing me off
  13. Do i use a klick bot to farm gold? Do mc have a chance to block by klickbot? NO! And btw I am 24 and not used to play with kids who need this because they are so whack themselfes.i am done with cl on stairsside anywAys...you problem now if you even support this kind of playing
  14. true and they use bots see my other topic
  15. Hello devs again, unfortunatly you deleted my last post after moving it to support. Now you may want to check this out, you can also log in and check it your self, the indonisia guild always there. would even still be "fair" if played by humans but they tell their selfes: check screenshot after confronting him with illigal kind of playing i got insulted. can also give you that as screenshot if you actually want to read it.
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