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  1. but ok besides that, good work, the graphics are beautiful, good decision to let only high lvl join new island, because there are so many noobs messing up in tower and everything, so now i hope finally they will get their shizzle together and understand how to play the game :) thanks guys!
  2. yes man i also wasted stamina. they should give gift, today a lot of failing
  3. duck symbian, let them play on pc and use the effort to develop in game shit. symbian will never work correctly
  4. hahaha i knew it. so tower fix. will there be one seekers stam gift for the ongoing off/on? come on guys i waited since yesterday to do new dungeon and got kicked because of server down :S i pay coins but can't afford before next month, be player friendly today pls
  5. it was last minute missing.... it said so clearly, tower left 1 min then began counting, shortly after it said server stop 1 min, and then stopped 20 sec later.... and how you want to time anything in this time intensive game with server going down ever two hours today?
  6. i entered when it said server stops in 21 min so with two sram i still only need 20 min max... how come it din´t work? they just stopped to early
  7. give us one seekers stam as gift, i mean wtf you test your bugs on paying clients... what you are pulling off is not normal anymore :facepalm: AND IT SAID 1min server stoops, 20 sec left for dungeon easy and then BOOM gone... IT WAS TO EARLY
  8. and you wasted how many skill points for that? are the 82 damage wich need 3 sec until the skill even begins working really worth it? xD
  9. explain pls... my old expert skill deals 23 dmg.. with my lvl 17 +8 arena staff...kind of useless if i make 300 auto hit
  10. See every character can be played as two or three possibilities you can make a rogue a tank or a dmg dealer and so on necro is lot of possibilities: -play full support healer -play solo pve bosses and stuff -go into damage dealing but twice eye and stuff takes too long for good dmg dealer so expert skills only gives and advantage to full support players....bcause you can't make so much dmg that 5 or 10 percent matter....both skills are area dmg skills.. react on the other playable necros...give smith like said above or a totem holding away mobs (adds of bosses) or smth good
  11. Jeah necro new skill ducked like last expert skill...complete useless give necro skill like resummon dead party member or killed mob to fight with you smith like this or a stun which doesn't break at dmg like 90 percent of elfs have....ANYTHING USEFULL MAKEING MORE THAN 20-50 dmg come on and i still wonder about those keys. mini bosses and elite monsters. can't find any except key keeper giving nothing
  12. DOES ACTUALLY NOOME CARES FOR THOSE KEYS TO ENTER MINI BOSS DUNGEONS? check my post on page 14. Noone found a boss yet? or got a key? because the key keepers don't drop
  13. Please develop a useful necro expert skill: something like -a single taget dmg dealing skill -a skill letting necro resurect partymembers or a mob to fight for him -a mana absorbing skill two expert skills with area dmg of which first i tried gives 24 dmg to other mobs although i got 340mdmg is really fail thats why I don't even want to try out new one.
  14. give necros an expert skill wich does one target dmg or a skill which lets him resurrect party members... or resurrect killed mob to fight with him till dead again... all this 27 are dmg skills are useless
  15. no key by key keeper no elite bosses found. is underground =first lvl of dungeon?
  16. where are the mini bosses? i killed the key keeper 20 times no drop at all.. i could find red bosses pls tell me
  17. ok i just don't get it. i got 3,3k mdef and 1,8 physical or i change the set to 2,1 physical 2,0 magical or i go 2,6 magical def and 1,8 physical but i still can't make b3 alone... whats wrong? staff is lvl17 arena +8 with 3,3kmagic def i use full gt.... all crit enchant but that boss and this one shooter makes too much dmg whats the trick? :D
  18. b3 also making magical damage? :) nice i check tonight if party goes thru i walk with them and stay there^^but take minion with me just in case^^
  19. Okay i changed my set up and now i got: abyss zealots damned mantel +7 +124 full gt crit enchant 4*+322 abyss zealot black rin +7 2*537 +7 amulet of inward power +833 and 334 mdam alltogether 1442phy def and 3318 mdef, is that enough? can i solo lab boss already? and do you still need minion to solo there?
  20. Jepp i had wrong in mind :D need to upgrade runes and amulet :S one mdef rune is geeatcharms :S and do you know if fat toar still drops smth for me? Killed him like 15 times and didn t even get def sphere or anything :S
  21. Ok thanks :) my guild only got physical def yet ;) still quite a way to go :D hm and i am on emerald server only :(
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