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  1. Arcane legends are able to be played through chrome broser on pc requiring a gmail account. I guess, warpsear team could try to do the same.


    Well, I would also like to see Warspear Online for Chromebook. More like Google promised herself, all Android applications soon will work on Chrome OS. Already in the Firefox OS, the solution is to develop the game for the platform. I like to see a R0land the answer now, I am anxious to know whether it will be possible to develop Warspear Online for Firefox OS platform. I believe he should doing research on the subject.

  2. I think a browser version of warspear would increase the number of players.


    I also think the same, and forgot to announce that creating the game to the mobile version of Firefox OS would be the same that is creating the game to play it from the Mozilla Firefox browser or Firefox Mobile for Android. But that is at the discretion of those who developed the game for the platform

  3. Oh, such an exotic OS.

    Not sure about such client version, but I can ask if it's possible :)

    Okay, it's a new operating system yet.Recently I decided to migrate to it, hope you can develop Warspear Online for Firefox OS. Grateful! :)

  4. It is a major doubt I have, even if it's just a doubt I do not want to stop being a suggestion. Whoever heard knows that Firefox OS is an HTML5-based platform, so it is not possible to develop or Warspear Online for such a platform? What are the expectations of this happening?

  5. I could perform a miracle shopping coins aparti the Warspear application available on the site where it has the "Mobile Account" within the application. I realized that what I said about the Miracle Coins prices, I was wrong, the selling price is great. The only thing you have to eliminate or fix is now the "Payment by SMS" in which is still available and payment information in the version for computers. To avoid problems remove the same or arrange technical problems with it. After all, I realized that you buy with "Pay by SMS" and or "Mobile Account" is almost the same thing as opposed to prices that are sold between both the two in which the "Payment by SMS" but is expensive. Now let's talk about the irselnort in translation and norlant to Portuguese? I know the next version is 5.0.0, work with it.

  6. I'm surprised, today, a few minutes after releasing this topic I was reminded of a small difference in two applications that could be one, but it is not. The application in which Warspear Online despõe in the Play Store is not the same in which is arranged on the official site. Because the Play Store, just have the Google Play Shop as a payment method, and the application available on the site has various forms of payment, including payment via mobile account that appears is working better than anything. The point is, if the official application Warspear Online available in Play Store is the same game that is available on the website because you do not add the version of payment metedos in which is in Warspear the site, also in the Google Play Store ? It is the same game with 3 different versions for android when needs neither 2. Another thing I realized is that users but the old Warspear Online that have ID number started with 3 or less than 3, has all payment methods in which existed before, the game really needs all this roll to a selling system of miracle coins?

  7. ;D  ;D Now I laughed a lot with the moderator's response r0land, I agree with him. The president of Brazil is a snake. The point is that even with taxes, I still believe to be rehabilitated the sales system via SMS in which in Brazil is known as Fortumo. Right now, I swear I wanted to be born son of Russian, not only to live in a country like Brazil.
    I'm sad and eager to buy "Pandas-Noir Smile": / but today decided to put coins by bank transfer (Not good, it's annoying to have to leave home to go in another city put coins)

    Translation by Google Translator 2015.


  8. You should create shame in the face of everything we are doing with the game. You are so rabujentos who took the Miracle Coins system free my country. Not to mention the new purchasing system Miracle Coins via SMS now closed, I try to buy Miracle Coins by SMS payment and payment is not made, but does not charge credits. I am Brazilian, you sell Miracle Coins at a bargain price for the Russians and sells up to 550 coins miracle, when it is for us, young Brazilians when we accurately use SMS, you sell 140 coins for the price but high that the President of Brazil snake, and look there, now you invented not sell us but such currencies, the love of Jesus Christ, if you have a shred of character and really care about the players of Brazil, adjusts the system of miracle coins, increase the amount of 140 to 180 and not meche but with this, pos we are the second country in which but uses the Warspear Online np cell, we got the win to the United States, battled this forum for you to create a dedicated server to us, We strive to have the Portuguese language added ... Speaking in Portuguese language, cade the translation of the islands of Irselnort and Norlant? It's all English yet. Sorry for my way of talking in this message, but when a Brazilian equal to I already reeling from the country's taxes, are faced with higher taxes on the Internet, anyone is angry.

    Translation by Google Translator 2015.

  9. Hello, AIGRIND Team. We are a WhatsApp

    group with more than 80 people present

    playing in Pearl, come here and ask for this

    group, a possible union between Pearl and

    Tourmaline servers, we know and are aware

    that the server Tourmaline is a Brazilian

    server, but because it is the server but again

    today and also because people still left in

    the Pearl 40% are Brazilian, so we ask that a

    connection is made between the two servers,

    and if that connection is possible, you give a

    name random or allow us change our names

    free just as the same system should work for

    the guilds, we want an answer. Thank U!

  10. Percebi que as mas novas versões do Windows sofrem lag no jogo mesmo com a minha internet sendo Banda Larga 4G, O problema que ocorre é que durante o jogo, a velocidade de dados cai de 70 megas para apenas 5kbps causando um grande lag, isto só ocorre quando tem apenas Warspear Online aberto e a unica forma que achei de corrigir este problema é abrindo um jogo que consome dados constantes, Fiz o teste com um notebook Windows Vista com está mesma internet e não identifiquei problemas, a pergunta é:


    Qual foi desta vez AIGRIND??

  11. Eu sei muito bem que algum moderador vai entrar neste tópico e vai falar pra mim que a area de sugestão é no fórum inglês, mas eu não tenho o dever de sair do fórum de meu país para ir postar em fórum estrangeiro portanto...




    Equipe AIGRIND favor corrigir os erros de gráfico no Warspear para PC e disponibilizar o link de download na loja da Windows PC nas versões 8, 8.1 e 10 de seus novos computadores, favor maximizar a tela no PC para ficar Full Screen, obrigado



    E aos moderadores do fórum BR por favor sem papo furado comigo, eu sei que vocês sabem falar inglês e tem o dever de repassar essa informação nem que vocês tenha que traduzir meu tópico e postar na área sugestões do fórum inglês

  12. R0land, you know that area called "My

    Profile" before you can log in the game ...

    Well then I regained my account and then I

    recovered and changed the password and

    the dinovo email ... Guess what happened to

    me, or Login Password incorrect! Vo need

    the assistance of a moderator now to fix this

    is to take my password for the new email I

    set is invalid


  13. There is a technical problem in the area

    "Support" in the Warspear Online site. When

    using the "Restore to Password" it does not

    send the password pro email in which it was

    entered... Fix It

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