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  1. now its working thnx ::) btw it was neither browser nor connection problem :facepalm: it was broken web link or incomplete upload or something like that
  2. Happy B'Day :clapping: But can't download update due to connection lost to server :facepalm: :fool: reinstalled the client but still can't :( help plz
  3. does enchanted rune or crystals on equips amplify with weapon or armor amplification? or are they amplified (increased percentage) by enchanting after amplifying armor and weapon? :unknw:
  4. cant move in arena :cray: cant farm :sorry: after one DC cant log in :shout:
  5. need help with sea monster and 6 shadows on elf side :'( my game id: crugoo , add if any1 can help :blush: off topic: why all chainless quester don't go together?they can kill gs,lake,sea serially on their way and help each other.But rather all make party and go separately on their way and get killed.I even asked ppls to go lake and sea together and got no response :unknw: seems like some brainless wanna do chainless quest :facepalm:
  6. Are these slots always empty or can b enchanted? i can't enchant rune or crystal there :nea: if cant enchant to these slots whats the meaning of these empty slots? :fool:
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