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  1. Xperia Play- no lag. works very well. Lennovo netbook - excellent device for warspear :)
  2. i use mol points. i bought 780mcoin. got nothing on my accnt. please fix it asap. i need it atm. :cray: :sorry:
  3. sino scammer? lol dami nag quit na pinoy ah. lalo na old players
  4. roguekillz :facepalm: first fight 2-0 then you ask . " leave to your guild cause you have the guild skills" we both leave guild. back to 0-0 i won. score 1-0 then he off he not coming back lol :rofl:
  5. Re Update please. :friends: Pinoy din ako. haha 8)
  6. lol yea you beat me alot when i was low amp. vs you +10s. lets see whos win. friendly fight*
  7. LOL no. lets pvp wth your rouge then! ;D race to 10. pm me when ready :good:
  8. Here's pro list: BladeDancer - yins,gtfcked,woundedjam,tpain Druid - Poley,acrid ranger - Snipedown,nessah,blesskillz Mage - Jodo Priest - Oracles,Priestking Paladin - Palladio Rouge - Ascetic,Afro,killerano,devlprince,babyzhu Shaman - Pummy,shamaniac Barbarian - Foxlovixen,Degree Necro - hmmp. ill think about it later. xd Warlock - Reaperdark Deathknight - I forgot hes name. he beat me alot :cray:
  9. yes. she is super :blush: :give_rose: :clapping:
  10. ok thats enough kids. hehe :lol: :pleasantry:
  11. congrats guys. :drinks: and perni, abn too :friends:
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