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  1. Cool Story
    Counciler got a reaction from Jhazzz3 in Dangerous Blow   
    I think this needs a rework, its one of the more useless skills imo for seeker, does low dmg and it relies on %crit also with potential vs enemy res for bleed to happen. The reason you would need bleed is for heal by bloodthirst, but cause this skill low dmg and the potential set up relies heavy on chance it means it not worth using, it better using Splitting blow, as that has a 100% chance work if no dodge. I think dangerous blow may need a diff debuff.
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    Counciler reacted to Waheed in [2019.06.05] 11th Anniversary of Warspear Online: celebration commences!   
    It sounds like lvl 30 and t5 is still far far far away. 
    @Reivenorik told there will be skills changes in autumn.
    Does that mean lvl 30 will be in autumn as well??? 
    I think we have waited long enough for t5 and this event is just a rework of last year with 5% improvements. 
    Sorry but I'm disappointed 

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    Counciler reacted to Refaim in 5v5 arena mode daily awards   
    This whole thing about  ”daily rewards will be significantly increased” must have been a joke. For real.
    If you manage to get 25wins in one day as a lv14, you will get a total reward of 29 imperials. Considering you need 1900 imperials to buy a single piece of lv14 greatness armor, you would have to do 5v5 for ovee 65 days even if you get the maximum rewards each day. This adds up to over 2 months of DAILY WORK in total. That just doesnt really make sense for me as you can get waaaaay better rewards for a way smaller effort in just 30days (#1 in an arena mode grants you a costume, a piece of accessory depending on the mode, and enough imperials to buy an armor piece of the corresponding level).
    If 5v5 were to become active, the rewards on the mode need to be ATLEAST double of the current amount.

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    Counciler reacted to Cardinal in i cant enter game(connection error)   
    Guys, please, contact to our support team: https://warspear-online.com/en/support/install-and-update
    Provide them information about:
    - model and operating system of your device
    - your country
    - name of your cell operator/provider
    And send them screenshots from this sites (even if it couldn't open):
    1.) http://v4.ipv6-test.com/
    2.) http://v6.ipv6-test.com/
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    Counciler reacted to Lazylion in Warspear Calculator Problem   
    EDITED: sorry, i did find another link or site. But it could also been that they changed their domain name. https://wsdb.xyz/calc/
    I hope i was to help.
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    Counciler reacted to Higgings in Bagspace is way to small!   
    Hah, touché. But in this case,how about incresing the number of pieces that a "set" can contain for certain objects(tickets, potions, signs of imperishability...) like 50 pcs per set? 
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    Counciler reacted to Reivenorik in Bagspace is way to small!   
    50 potions in one set will have equal weight with 10? 
    Of course, I am joking and I understand that there should be more space in the bag. Let's wait for a response from the developers!
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    Counciler reacted to Higgings in [2019.04.23] Changes in the Arena: the anniversary season promises to be hot!   
    There are a lot of items which deserve the 50 pcs per set, I think. Consider please to add HP potions in this list, as well as Signs. 
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    Counciler reacted to snorlax in [2019.04.23] Changes in the Arena: the anniversary season promises to be hot!   
    I guess we'll reconsider stack size for craft items in next updates. That's a solid suggestion.
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    Counciler reacted to snorlax in [2019.04.23] Changes in the Arena: the anniversary season promises to be hot!   
    Correct. But runes/crystals will be the same as they were in lvl 14
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    Counciler got a reaction from Speedom in Dangerous Blow   
    Pvp i can 1:1 some classes but relies heavy on what skills u use, for pve i can solo spiders and some t3 bosses without minion or pot. Our shield needs buffing imo im terms of how much dmg it takes as at the minute my shield goes in one hit. A defensive skill would be nice or a stun 😢
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    Counciler reacted to Speedom in Exhaustive Blow   
    I drove past it after going bowling. Looks legit
  13. Haha
    Counciler got a reaction from Speedom in Exhaustive Blow   
    Kk enjoy japan, try that gambling pinball game they have there seems pretty fun
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    Counciler got a reaction from Speedom in New skill ideas   
    Yes we are more of a support char but issue is we are required go close but we weak defense wise, our shields 5/5 takes 1k dmg approx while i seen nub bds expert shield take 2k+
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    Counciler reacted to Reivenorik in [2018.08.23] In development: V sector of Ayvondil "The Ship Graveyard"   
    Most likely, it will be a castle on a separate island, but you can only reach it by the seabed 
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    Counciler reacted to Reivenorik in Dangerous Blow   
    Don't be afraid to leave your thoughts in sections with character classes, developers often drop in here and discuss these ideas before preparing an update.

    Of course, I can't promise that any specific proposal about skills will be added to the game, but it will still be considered!
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    Counciler reacted to Higgings in Many Trade And Share Accounts for Arena   
    @Angryman you have already received an answer about these kind of topics: I have to ask you to stop flooding the forum with the same topic, especially if they have already received an answer.
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    Counciler reacted to Higgings in Many Trade And Share Accounts for Arena   
    The forum is not the right place to report players who break rules. There's the support team for that,guys. Send a ticket to them and attach on your message these screenshots. They'll know what to do.
    Thanks for the understanding and I bid you a nice day! 
  19. Thanks
    Counciler got a reaction from Cardinal in World event Bug   
    So final boss heal is so high mc + elf cant kill
     Its like 300-400k heal in 10sec 
    Us sapphire server 
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    Counciler reacted to Reivenorik in World event Bug   
    Give us time, we'll fix it!
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    Counciler reacted to Zurp in Power of the Blades vs Exacerbation   
    Still, seeker is dmg class, bd is a tank..
    Also most seekers expert skills are just garbage.
  22. Haha
    Counciler reacted to Reivenorik in [2019.03.06] Warspear Online 7.10: The Pirate Putsch. Preview   
    You will never get to the test server until you read the messages under this post.
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    Counciler reacted to Reivenorik in [2019.02.27] Welcome to the Carnival! It’s time to have fun!   
    Increases "Penetration" and "Critical Damage" by 5%
    Increases Energy and Health regeneration by 30%
    This is only because we are working hard on a new sector.
    I promise you a lot of interesting and exciting content, give us some more time!
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    Counciler reacted to Akasha in [2019.03.01] Personal data security   
    No one got into Aigrind's data, this post is about a non isolated event. And we advise our users to ensure their data satefy, more than ever.
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    Counciler reacted to Peony in [2019.03.01] Personal data security   
    Dear players!
    Due to the fact that the entire world is in a struggle against the use of stolen personal data, we ask each of you to carefully read this message and take measures for your own safety.
    As you may know, in 2018 hackers have published several databases, the biggest in history, containing billions of email addresses and passwords. You can check whether your email has been compromised at the following website: https://haveibeenpwned.com. This website was created by one of the most renowned cybersecurity specialists, and he also published the investigation about the data breach here: https://www.troyhunt.com/the-773-million-record-collection-1-data-reach.  
    For the purposes of security, it is highly recommended to change your email password and Warspear Online game account password, especially for those of you who have the same password on the email and the game account. We also advise you to change passwords to your profiles on other Internet websites.

    Please, pay attention to ensuring the security of your data. Don’t use the same password on different websites and services, including social networks and messengers. Passwords should be complex and, ideally, random and different on every website.
    We are taking every possible step to protect your personal data. Our Privacy Policy (https://warspear-online.com/ru/privacy)  goes into more detail on the kinds of data we gather and store, and how we use it.
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