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  1. Wow you comment on how smart i am . Bro to be fair you have left explanations and points but nothing on improvements. The fact of the matter is in which you still cannot accept is that we are having to use off site apps to communicate creating difficulty as not everyone has this app nor do some want to sign up. Ill reply in patches as im on phone so cant see full thing. The thing what makes me question the most is why someone with such ' intelligence ' could instead of just doing the easy thing and just critisice, actually suggest improvement as well ? You wanna question my intelligence well lets start with yours shall we ? It seems despite being reminded you could not suggest improvement ... even if its a bad idea there can always be improvements. Alliances of guilds have been in some more succesful games yet you cannot see it working here ? Are we upset that the game will become to easy ? This rewards scheme will be hard to obtain as you have to buy and upgrade. This also adds to time in which is needed as players wait for map3. Instead of moaning give improvements too. Dont talk of irrelevance as major games use this idea. Grow up bro instead of saying how much you hate it ... something a child can do... suggest improvement. And just in case you still dont get it ... SUGGEST IMPROVEMENT
  2. Also as you can see i have requested for an alliance system.to be made ... maybe if you read the forum properly you might be able to argue :-[ And confusing ? 115 people so far think its not confusing... maybe its just you... read the forum properly then reply please :) Dont mind Critisim as long as you have read the forum. Still waiting for explanations from other guy to see what needs adjusting :)
  3. i tend to disagree dazz. why would we want an alliance of alliances? either ur in an alliance or ur not. We need a chat so its easier to communicate... it would get confusing in world chat as we would not know whos in alliance and whos not (115members). Area chat would mean gatherin every1 there and resaons stated for world chat. The alliance of races .. elf chosen. dosnt really help as its to big so not every1 will help.An alliance between guilds means we are obliged by guild leaders to help. Not every1 on elf side will help example MOST arena and farmin guilds.
  4. Like most of em like no please and no sorry
  5. Also an alliance helpin with cl has more chance to succes as it is UG from spies
  6. Bro plz leave reasons if u can ... :-[
  7. Please can you guys work on an alliance chat as well as an ability to form alliances. By alliances i mean between guilds. Currently the alliance TheFraternity has 5 guilds in and having to add heirs and leaders to contact them is becoming a burdern. The guilds are as follows: Sloter-Smokeswagon Bloodcloak-Curalious Defenders-Aog Gilas-Demolius RoyalGaurds-Redxrage. Also to make alliances more popular maybe could you please add alliance levels and bonuses ... using guild points still. The bonuses could be like a shop .... buy signs with gp or minions. Another idea for a bonus is maybe a skill which allows lifesteal or maybe skill cooldown(currently only staff holders can get this bonus). This alliance should be made by buying an alliance sign from the miracle shop at a cost of around 400mc for 1. Alliances should be able to upgrade how many guilds can be within it by guild points alliance sign and gold. Also i think you should be able to donate miracle coins to an alliance where they can be used to buy a ' premium ' skill. The alliance means players get bonuses and can ask for help in alliance chat. Quick question if anyone can answer. What is the purpose of " online support " chat if noone can use it ? Alliances have worked well in other games and i think it would work well here. I know you guys are busy with making map 3( cant wait :-[ ) but please can you consider this and leave a response. Alliances are great for planning wars :D 8) watch out mc 8)
  8. Well ill buy a guild n expand 8) ill bump once 5guilds are in
  9. This is an alliance between guilds. Demolius is the leader of the alliance . In this alliance we can request help with bosses and quests. This alliance can also provide use in war. This alliance is an elf alliance . Theres a few rules in the alliance : 1 the alliance name must be in the guild description . 2 When a request for help is made by an alliance member to another he or she must help unless alrwady busy or face the guild being kicked from the alliance. Currently they are 2 guilds in the alliance. Leave a message below if your guild wants to join. Pm Demolius or me also if you wanna join. To make it easy to contact guild leaders please leave your name to help comunicate.
  10. Counciler


    Thats really funny -.-
  11. Counciler


    Cause we play on that server n thats where we experiecing a lag. The forum was made by a PLAYER and NOT staff
  12. Counciler


    lag its forum bout the lag in us saphire forums NOT news n announcements
  13. Counciler


    This forum has already be made. Refund players is name of foum
  14. Uk ppl can only pay by sms :'( on nxt deal plz inc sms
  15. k ty didnt know :-[ ik but they can equip 2 weps which is stronger than spear which is slower
  16. Its not a popular weapon amongst all classes cause its to weak n slow so i think a new spear shoupd replace deep lord spear if there is 1 :-[ They should call it WarSpear :-[ and let it be a bit stronger than current. either that or increase damage on spears.
  17. Mc got beaten by trash. :0 Wow thats embarrassing :-[ Mc must be bad XD. #TeamElf ... main story line elves beat Guran the dragon ... 8)
  18. 40+mc broke elf stair yesterday all were hunted n killed b4 they could do cl #TeamElf 8)
  19. At elf t1 m2 there is a fault near the boat please fix. Non urgent but something to do next time servers are down while u do maintanance
  20. We choose to let u stay in aa
  21. necro cause he have bs but preist stronger than necro
  22. Ty for info but could we not buy mc with bitcoins ?
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