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  1. XD ty spirit really happy someone commented about boss I agree with most of it maybe if first skill was to reduce damage, kk I'll also remove the idea of bring towards hmm like ur thinking I'll add to boss nature if minion attack he attack I'll update later tyvm spirit wats ur game name ill pm when updated ty heavy ye this boss for lvl24 but I presume 26 out soon so prepare dmg to go higher
  2. Try a wireless gaming adapter maybe, I think thats the name, got one for mt bday
  3. Look at ss I was being nice not cocky now please stop google search all night I take your picture as valid and tbh I cba getting into a huge feud now. Waste your life away searching and proving people right or wrong. And it's stated that we can use established bosses from other games and mix em up to make new boss atm I have that picture will add more but as you see this topic is made today. Now can I sleep ?
  4. Graav your simply here to hate please stop I have been nice throughout and I'm sorry if what I originally said sounded like an accusation now,please talk about boss spec now please all. To appease all haters I adding more pic soon, ignore the fact I got exams in 3 days.
  5. Graav I asked nicely he is just going around and hating :/ graav just chill n let the best man win or woman xD
  6. Sorry if reply twice tired and eyes are shutting here u go ill post ss for u above line I said hey he said who r u I said counciler he said lol if u hadn't ignored I would believe that it wasn't a jealousy fueled attack... someone comment on boss stats n skills please
  7. Two I said pic if u see not pics so please learn to read also look at last comment. I pm in game being nice hold on please I'll show call it what you like graav
  8. @two no I can show ss showing me in pm with graav trying to explain and him then ignoring me, clearly showing he is here to hate,
  9. 10hr long reply gone,> Yes #1 photo is I plan to add more,photos to give gm rough idea as accepted #2 I have edited the photos in an editor, not against rules #3 second photo is legit, I edited the picture as I dislike the colours I originally used ( told you in pm I'm a perfectionist and after receiving feedback from friends after publishing it I decided best to remove colour this time n take their advice) #5 no your not being a dick you have every right to question the legitimacy of peoples work #6 yes you don't know competition rules #7 yes just because you went to art college doesn't make you an expert #8 I have been editing this all day at a request I'm sure gm would confirm I've made multiple edits since publishing today. The idea is that I receive feedback and work on it #9 why not leave useful feedback like about boss, instead of hating since people picked on yours :/ #10 good luck to all xD
  10. No matter what there will be haters saying I didn't draw it. Graav u tried to prove and got hate, I'd rather not have my embarrassing handwriting up for haters to mock and still say it fake. Just saying let the best man or woman win
  11. Our tale starts just before the great war which divided the 4 great nations. Garaan was creating his army ready to steal the almighty spear. He notices a very skillful warrior named magnork. Impressed by this skill he put magnork in charge of a rogue regiment as well as giving him two assassin bodyguards who swore loyalty to the brave soldier. Soon time came when tensions could not rise any higher and war broke out. Ferocious battles erupted in gods grove and magnork was a driving force behind garaans successes in the war. Magnork and his regiment was sent out on many missions with success in every battle. He had thought gods nadau and harad separately on a few occasions which gained him fame. Although not killing the gods he made them flee. After a while the fogs of war blinded magnork and now he fought for self gain. He persuaded the almighty garaan to give him some more power. This would be a turning point as we see the soldier turning into a god slayer. Nadau and harad feared his presence in battle and feared the day they would meet again. The defending gods hatched a plan to trap magnork. They used themselves as bait by heading into a cave making sure they was seen by magnorks bodyguard. The bodyguards told the soldier and he rushed into kill the mighty gods but found the cave empty. Nadau casted a spell and trapped him in the cave, now to be prison cell. Magnork felt betrayed as no one came for him over than his two bodyguards. He began to train for his revenge, what added to this is the cell door was crafted by magic and it was leaking into the cell. This mutated magnorks greedy tendency for power and made it so anyone being greedy increased his power. The war over and thousands of years have passed. The cell wears off and magnork breaks free. He seems to have found himself in a valley named after himself, this was also a warning for treasure hunters, as a reminder that magnork lays imprisoned there. Magnork now free is greeted by the white wanderer. Amazed at how the legend escaped his cell he offers the warrior a deal. He would make the soldier a god as long as he rebuilds the mighty spear. Magnork agreed and he was shown that all the shards are in his valley and that greedy explorers wish to steal them. Set out for revenge the God revives his two loyal bodyguards who had tried to rescue the god long ago. These two bodyguards were not forsaken, they were enhanced by the new gods powers. Now he seeks to destroy the cowardly gods nadau and harad and extract revenge on garaan. He roams the valley collecting pieces of the spear, in which he plans not only to use on the other gods but the white wanderer himself. The time has come for a set of soldiers to defeat this god before it is too late... Location: map 4, maybe add a new place in caves where u can be taken to a portal which leads to a valley, the valley being four square section sizes as complete. In the valley you can find basic mobs maybe termites or greedy explorer mobs . To go through the portal you need to access a key, like with satraps. The portal is guarded by 9 monsters, kill one and acquire the portal key it drops to enter. The 9 guards are called worshippers of Magnork, they look exactly like dark elf city guards and have 10k health and 130dmg also 1.5k defense and 1k magic defense, there is no need for mana as they don't use skills so mana can be any set amount, they attack once attacked and hit the player with most damage dealt. One sqaure area will be just the boss and his assassin minions. The area is NOT neutral this will mean many will fight to try control this boss and so they should with the great rewards offered. Magnork stats: HP:3,000,000 Mana:640/640 Mana regen: 40 Dmg:520 Mdmg:0 Defense:4000 Mdefense:2000 Damage per second:260 Skill 1: Dark Vortex This skill is a mixture of skills. Like the mage primary chain skill it traps people but instead of trapping people stood still they are they are brought closer to the boss. In which then we see area damage done to all within a 6x6 radius of the boss, whether trapped by boss or running in to heal your dying friend . Skill lasts 7seconds and does 200mdmg per second. There is also a 70% chance of being poisoned leading to 120dmg per second for 5 seconds. Skill recharge takes 3minutes. The skill will be a black circle surrounding the boss. Mana cost is 120 Skill 2: Aggressive Anger This skill Involves a direct fight between the boss and the targeted player, the tank. The boss attack speed is speeded up dramatically involving the full 520 damage per second. Defense has no play in this skill, the targeted player receives the current bosses physical damage per second for 7seconds. Skill recharge is 2minutes 30seconds and uses 150mana points Skill 3: Shadow Protection This skill is deadly. It increaes the bosses dmg by 20% and his defence by 25% this skill is used only once in bosses life and remains active till boss is reset or killed. Killing his minion will result in 5% loss in skill effectiveness, 2 minions total loss 10% ... 20% dmg bonus-10% dead minions = 15% dmg . This skill costs 360mana to cast so boss isn't over powered. Boss nature: walks around area, attacks player with the highest physical defence. Uses claws to attack dealing physical damage. SHADOW ASSASSINS (Minions) Hp: 125,000 Mana:300/300 Mana regen:40 Damage:0 Magic damage:250 Defense:2500 Magic defense:2000 Damage per second:180 Skill 1: Stun This skill targets the highest damage maker and stuns him for 10seconds. Uses 80mana skill recharge 2mins 20secs yellow fireball is shown to hit target. Skill 2 :Fireball Just fire arrow but in the shape of a blue fire ball. Mana cost 60 skill regen 1minute 30seconds Mini boss nature: attacks player with highest dmg not highest dmg dealt. Fires red fireballs to attack causing mdmg. Magnork drop : Magnork costume lvl20 red cc armour lvl 22purple weapons skill books craft resources, bars Shadow Assassin drop: Girl assassin costume similar to shadow assassin,skill books, craft resources, bars Notice no spheres mentioned, we believe this boss is hard thus deserves a greater reward than a sphere of defense. Magnork takes 20minutes to revive and the shadow assassins revive with the boss, once killed they revive when boss is up. If shadow assassin is killed and boss is evaded the minion revives 10 minutes after it's death. This idea is perfect for future updates like the achievement system. Wouldn't it look amazing if you had the title god slayer ? Magnork: costume looks exactly as seen. Both boss and costume is exactly as shown but simplified to a 2d format ofc the boss's eyes will be red Shadow Assassin: costume looks like this but not monster head or chain attached the assassin costume has blue underwear and the rest of the clothing is purple, her tiara is golden, this goes for minion too but the minion has head which is green and chain attached which is golden . For all debating my use of others images, I plan to use multiple images to give gm an idea, to soothe ppl I'll try find an editor to make, current editor only allows one pic at one time :/ ss below should explain something I supposedly misunderstood.
  12. One issue.... it can insta kill... 1% chance and it has 1.2mill health with minions ... err noone will kill... full parties will die trying to kill it... consider making it a lil easier
  13. Cebo has quit and is never to return....
  14. Ppl join elves cause we arnt lazy...proof is we can form armies in minutes
  15. Why make it so we have to pass instances to get quests ? Or why to heroic? Why not just to hard ? these server crashes lost me some seekers stam .
  16. 150members :-[ gm needa wake up
  17. Ik gms are busy but can please can 1 of u reply :-[
  18. Ty too can a gm respond to this at some point please
  19. Bump .... Not letting this drop
  20. I think only bit i forgot was the app we use to communicate. The link you showed me is one for a ' voice chat '. This was stated as " difficult " because we are all on phones. Im not wanting to speak to people but talk. Have you tried finding an app which can allow 115 people to talk at the same time. Things would get confusing as people leave guilds and have odd usernames on the app. I am asking for a simple chat that is like guild chat but for all the guilds in an alliance. Currently we are using Kik and only messaging leaders. However this is a pain as we continuosly have to keep changing from app to app. Even for a response of ' k '. This gets annoying after some time you must understand.
  21. Firstly thanks for finnaly suggesting improvment. However saying nobody wants this is just idiotic. I have already mentioned how 115players have already signed up to this alliance(We got another 20 joining soon :-[ ). There is already unbalance as you have already stated however would an alliance help even this out. Has noone told you ? This is Warspear, you can work as hard as you want in a guild and still get kicked for no reason. Just before i go back and actually re READ , i would just like to state that despite this being online, you can still get positives and manners . Angelo is grown up... Sadly you are not ( to be fair i ain't either) because we have both insulted each others intelligence, with making the reply more ' simple' . Just before you reply with lets make thos even more simple, how original , lets consider refraining from that. You have done what was asked eventually and gave constructive critisim and for that i thank you. Originally we was going to ask to make it as basic as you said. However I thought adding these feautres would help make it more popular. You have asked twice about how this effects guild tourn. Well if you can consider this before another reply. The guild whos #1 ,#2 or#3 gets the reward needed , not the alliance. This dosnt affect the guild tournament.
  22. People have already made the point about wrong forum and i appoligise for this . But can i question with one so intelligent as such, why does one repeat what others have already said ? Has this earned intelligence gone to waste, as we find to curse at others ideas as acceptable ? Please reply you do erntertain me
  23. Wow a child does need brining out the dark. A bunch of low earning guilds grouped together can easily afford upgrades. If each guild has about 5k in gold 5*5 is 25k in gold... now ik know very little about guilds obviously but i believe its 71300gp for level2 30signs and around 80k gold. Donating miracle coins to a guild is far different than to a player . This is for premium skills as already stated yet we couldnt understand this could we ? This means players get 0miracle coins from the alliance . The miracle coins can only be used in the alliance only on upgrades. In donating to a player they can buy items from miracle store. Do we see the differance or do we still struggle ? We dont want miracle coins to be donated to players. Hardwork thats what makes the game fun. Having 900k gold like that is boring. Adding this adds time to game with more to complete. In future shall i refrain from using ' big words '. I keep my text simple so anyone can read it. Whats intelligent about gloating with your intelligence. Please give a more positive response as i sense the next replt will not regard anything i have stated and will just be ' hate '.
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