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  1. Whilst waiting approval of my comment i will post here the truth behind some foolish childs lie. The lie is that from logan that, mia also known as queeencleo is a guy and pretends to be a girl. Sadly due to a friend believing it better to help logan spread hate he took an ss of a group chat and there is an icon hiding this, mia was trolling in group chat, some members still new didnt realise we joke in that chat, so mia decided to troll those silly enough to think its her, but the clever bit is she never said she was era, she was enjoying troll but thought to end it and started telling people its not her, reminder not once did she say it was her. Logan saw its not her and the ss of troll and choose either to be fool and think was real and was trolled by mia, or that he wanted to direct hate towards her, no matter the case he should have thought before he acted and personally i would not want to be known to be friends with logan if he was just doing this to be bully, but i already seen his bullying and they way he bullys girls until they have to become like his slaves, ofc mia will never stand down to a bully and not will i, would also like to see if forum moderator would like to take this post based on the defense of someone being bullied by a bully who has support already of one forum moderator. Overall i feel this is an attempt to bully but i guess maybe he might have been trolled so badly he made post.





  2. Mrs.Daria, any plan to fix, weapon unbalanced glow on dual-weapon? Also the Reputation name on MCs isn't there and the description also.


    Any plan to nerf dungeon hard mode? It's way too crazy hard.

    1st need to tank 4 towers. At boss u need to tank 3 towers + boss at once. My +10 party hold the 3 towers at boss like 3 mins+ bug the towers just won't gone and we're dead. Revive so much time and wasting 3 stamina inside that dg. No complete.. Have any hints how to make those tower dissapear?

    Glow has been mentioned many times and they said they will sort asap, it is only a glow xd not major issue

  3. Yes he a bad liar :D it was hard dg anyway as only one priest and im noob :D but if you use pot in dg it counts as heal...otherwise bd has heal skill... 30secs between pot if i remember rightly... it must have been like 8stam :D anywho dont always blame healer and be stupid like fraz :) .... us healers get blame for everything :

  4. hahahahha what did I sayyyyy!

    Again this over the first image...no one said you was lying about that. I have explained that about 12 times here thus pmd gm directly... not dealing with children who needs things re explaining...

  5. This last time I choose to explain myself to players sorry but I'm busy in rl, if there is an issue message game moderation, stating the issue :) I'll explain anything to them as that way I'm not repeating myself :) physics exam on Thursday wish me luck :)

  6. I pretty sure using someone elses artwork that's not your is against the rules of the competition even if you edited it abunch also as for the second picture its on google under fantasy elfs sketches if you want me to upload pics of proof I will. Far as I'm concerned the boss info doesnt mean anything if you can't use your own artwork & follow the competition rules. you should be disqualified... :mega_shok:

    Hey :) I've stated across this Forum that the second picture is mine. I have stated it an old pic I'd say I made 5years ago for a school project, I also stated I hated the colour in hindsight [ thats why I said colours I wanted ] thus used an editor to make it black and white, as already stated. I have gave noone permission to use my image, and it can only be found on one website which I uploaded some of my artwork too, so if this image can be found more than once please can you link this :) ty for making me aware of this :) Got a ss which ill update in main header of forum which should explain things about first img :)

  7. Wont it be too much dmg if minion + boss attack together? I wanted to mention it before but i was busy xd it wont be good getting about 2k dmg/5sec cz heal cant cover them all.. if u add that nature then a party can hunt minions only when other pt keep boss busy

    I'm gonna review this with a friend :) ty again :) have you made a boss ? :) also what's your username ? :) I'll pm plans if u want :)

  8. XD if this double reply sorry lagged a lil :P ty only minion pic is drawn :) lil bit of a perfectionist and won't have time to draw a boss so finding pics to show what boss will look like :) ty for support :) gl all xD will update soon ull see wat my vision for boss is :)

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