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  1. 27 minutes ago, Daria said:
    Attention! At 12:40 CEST there will be another game servers restart due to stability improvement. The game will be unavailable for about 5 minutes.
    Please, accept our apologies for any possible inconveniences.

    Just to let you know stability has done nothing for problem for data users trying to log, just so you are aware the problem is still here, thought worth check with you messing with servers

  2. Again to disconnect players can.be abused although annoying, can be time waster if spam offline, like kick from dg, waste arena pot for block, and to disconnect someone for a sec isn't really threat as they can just go back on and continue, its lovely idea but best way gm solved this was by adding a profanity filter and allowing remove wc from being seen, maybe extending the profanity filter might be a better suggestion, and you can always report people for racist remarks which can lead to chat bans

  3. Even with this, we will still have people using powers inappropriately, even with moderation, people can be banned for example outta a dispute which would not normally deserve a ban, this can be checked later and aigrind can reverse this but thats not the point now a player has had unknown time wasted banned while aigrind reviewed his banning, this can help with arena season for example, although this person who mods for aigrind may be removed still doesn't remove what happened, gives others the same idea really, I mean if they did on friday when gms gone home then we won't see unban till monday -Tuesday, you could say they could request ban to gm instead of them quick action do it, but thats system we have now, 

    Also this should be in suggestions

  4. Been few weeks, I know they are trying would just be nice to hear anything from them instead of just keep guess they may have fixed every few days, even  if its still stage 1 guessing the issue, I have no complaints would just like to know whats actually going on

  5. After messaging support about the issue about to send proof of good connection they reply saying the issue of being unable to connect by data should be solved soon, can we please have some update on this as some ppl not myself, have been off for a few weeks now, ik gm is busy, but would be nice with some reassurance

  6. 4 minutes ago, Higgings said:


    This belongs to the Account Owner's Privacy. Even if they check out, I do not think they are allowed to tell you such infos. There is One way you can know if it is another player; if the account gets banned then it was ankther player. 

    Other say new owner from usa I'm sure he bought barb too from Finland guy an barbarian named mythality idk spell << that barb have barb lvl6 10+ full reward rogue with bone winged lvl14 10+ shaman 16 10+ barb 26 or check his lvl n say barb lvl 26


    True its up to gm to check and not allowed to say anything, but it kinda annoying see friends leave and see new people who not even worked on them to buy acc and pretend they did all, atte was good guy, it shame others use his acc now to troll 

  7. You shouldn't change the things I said into what they look like from your point of view. It is your fault and yours alone if you interpret it differently and it's not me to blame in this case.

    Do you really wanna talk about why I am on your ignore? To find any reason to make me look bad in a totally different topic? Sure go ahead, it's not like it was 2 years ago and people can change over such a time period. I'm done with you and everything that happened that time.


    If you wanna cause fights and dramas please leave the forum and go somewhere else, thank you.

    Fights and drama im not after, i ignored you to end that and had no drama but as i saw you was joining in on the bullying of mia, that i cannot ignore. Also seeing more than one perspective normally helps solve an issue, the reason i messaged other moderators to see if they can add their opinion, if u wish to be sour go ahead, but one last thing if i wanted to make you look sour in every topic then why didnt i comment on the bullying of tetmas friend in the beauty contest ? Now the drama begins ? I dont need to make you look bad and as of now your going back to being ignored

  8. The topic created by cybernem has been locked and won't be opened again.

    Adding that I didn't say anything against mia, all I said is that it's sad when people can't be themselves, and yes, my memory is not too bad to remember that you told me over a year ago that mia has never showed you a picture of her but only of any cartoon character that looks quite similar to her. If she did send you a photo of herself by now then sorry, I will take my previous comment back.


    Since cybernems topic doesn't inlcude any real life pictures of mia there is no need to delete it, to lock it is enough. Same happened to babynatalie's hater topic in the past.


    Good luck charlie :) same to mia.

    I still dont recall telling you that, weird also that you been on my ignore for so long, following a lie with more lies never helps, also back to the point about your posts as it is not locked yet, to state his opinion is fine but when it comes to bullying is it write ? If i made a forum and said you was a harlot, would it be removed ? Its my opinion after all, and refering to your original comment you refer to me saying something to which i had not, as way to support that comment, innocent it would seem if you had just said that but the blah lol she isnt famous on warspear, i see noone saying she was, i feel you are saying that as to say she is a nobody ? The blah kinda shows that...

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