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  1. Was world event, i finally did, but issue was although recieving chest and buff for last part of the event and having all the buffs from the other parts of event, if you die at final stage, it didnt give point for achieve. Although the xmas event over now

  2. So twice this has happened to me and now others saying same, at final stage world event if you die before event complete u dont get achieve, but i had done 30seconds and got chest so i had completed ? Just happened again this event



  3. Says it -5%hp every 5 sec for 20sec, makes it sound like u lose 20%, but when had used on me it did 10% in total and did no dmg.  If it doesnt stack better to say -10%? For 20s


    The description of rotting

  4. Immortality vs throne 


    50k hp needed gone in 20 sec


    If 10 players do 500dmg in 2sec, then throne will fall.... and ofc we know players can deal more dmg then that and 10+ active easy to get, as a suggestion maybe add dmg debuff or increase to throne as atm it way to easy to steal a castle

  5. On 11/4/2018 at 9:59 AM, Renuka said:

    Luck my foot this is a game lol this game drop % is low 

    This is not good for warspear online my many friends leve this game and play PubG⬇️

    Hi so new hween bosses here, i farmed 9hrs got 0drops two friend drop one got 2 drop, then nearer hr 10 i got a drop.... sometimes drop isnt always first 2-3kills otherwise drop come worthless if easy to get, pubg u land and find weapons, if have all pro gear everywhere would it be easy and fun still ? Take some time farm bosses im sure if u farmed genie for example it drops often

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