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  1. by minorities i mean in game ofc. Lets see if a gm would reply :!
  2. Tpain has made a point about Gm ignoring minorities who want to buy miracle coins like Pakistan. I think Gm should make an option for people in UK to pay. Theres an option for this yet all currencies there are not GBP . Im apart of the minority in the game as theres like 20 english people . What i want to know is why the Gm want to make it hard for the minorities to pay? and Will they do anything about it. I see no options for Barclays
  3. This war was for revenge 8) Future wars are for fun :P If we attack their town cl questors can get by mc stairs as they prepare to attack
  4. Elves took mc t5 shop 8) 3times . Thanks Drizzz Demolius and the rest :D
  5. Bribed gm 1gold + a kitkat :-[
  6. Me and this guy farming genie first attempt he get wep, second an amulet , mc s then came. His chat made it seen more than look . What do u guys think?
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