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  1. R.I.P to one of the best priest's in WS. Kimbolayts. You will be missed my dude
  2. There are up and coming pros of this Gen, but I don't remember sayin "amp players have no skill" I simply said that most (most, not all) players rely on amps and just don't know how to use their class at all.
  3. Quilt Absalom Coolwhipz Russellxxx Demontear Xherodark Hisany
  4. Agreed, the leader of RedIsDead, Undandaor, is a great dk possibly the best one imo he knows how to use his dk really good.
  5. Ayuh, Panteragirl, Dopknight, Chrissc, and Verminaard
  6. If you or someone"accidentally" buys the wrong item , then that's your problem dude. Also, there's away to take away those popups. Go to settings and there should be an option to disable the popups. That was implemented in the last update ( the one that opened the new part of Ayvondil, introduced the black pyramid pvp zone etc).
  7. Leviticuz


    Yea I heard the skill has some type of bug that makes it not heal at all sometimes
  8. Mehh, I have a priest and honestly have no problem with the new animation for Harads Tears.
  9. You were already saying all this in mc world chat, why make a topic/post about it? :facepalm:
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