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  1. How much you think mage has got better by this update?
  2. Mage barrier does activate by using a skill,what should do dmg. But Shatters just dont really give a good stun The chance is lower than doing the Fireball-Blazing ground combo And the stun does not last for long Like for half a second
  3. R0land,btw when you do termitary,and then end it,it says-Quest not found has been canceled I tried easy with my friends
  4. I have warspear downloaded,but i cant run it,and if i try to,it crashes Note:my phone is a Htc one V
  5. Who is cybernem? Are you able to handle the truth of my question?
  6. Seems like a nice skill,but does this make our damage bigger?If it does,i would say yes. It is confusing me
  7. I dont remember me seeing you Have you seen me on world chat?
  8. So he barfed the whole room full of barf
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