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  1. I would love the Silent death skill,but mages really need more damage right now.
  2. The pvp zones made ayvondil a epic island,its a challenge,The game needed a challenge,Good job devs
  3. CHOCOLATE WITH NUTS Do you like this bomb? If yes,i shall bring it to you,Free!
  4. Titanic,i have no idea what is dumb and dumber The faces of all when they see old lady throwing some accesory to the ocean ''SHE THROWS AWAY MONEY'' What is dumb and dumber?
  5. Seems awesome,but giving rogues 25+ dmg is just insane.
  6. Tho i get killed in ayvondil alot,i dont really care.I think adding the pvp zones is awesome But if mcs are still not happy,maybe dont let players join elf for 1 day And i mean creating elf chars.
  7. Deinstall the game,Reinstall again.And still if it wont work,Maybe you dont have enough memory to run it.So get more memory.That worked for me
  8. Time warp 212 P.S:Hohola,you did it again
  9. I'd choose Emi Wayne Does this smiley look like its scratching its back?
  10. Are these Gollums Over there?
  11. Me,let me sell it for monies What costume would you like to buy?
  12. Seriously,about shatters. Does the stun % increase within the skill level? How long does the stun last? What is the % of the stun on shatters?
  13. My kik is Ranmage Eu emerald server And my chars are- Theranmage lvl 22 mage. Herofox lvl 13 bd. These are my only chars i actually use.
  14. RoguesRnewbshehe 207 P.S:Hohola,you and angelo have 205,you should have 206 and i should have 207
  15. I have a bow and arrows,some kitchen knives(very sharp).So yeah,i have some weapons.But about food,No. What is the worst game you have ever played?
  16. I like the ethereal barrier thingie,but shatters,Almost nothing has changed about shatters
  17. Ethereal barrier is better,but still,shatters dont really help.
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