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    Good luck with that by making warspear into peacespear
  2. Yup,The stun deactivates if i use a skill that does damage.
  3. The Ranmage

    im out *z*

    I have learned the secret of monie,Time to get rich
  4. Yeah,good idea! Oh and btw,for no drama about this idea,make it that it only can take like 8 people at a time
  5. Yup It better do as the damage of Fireball 100x FIREBALL IN 1 NANOSECOND!
  6. -.- I didint understand anything. And mages need moar damage Mages and heal,y no get mage is a dmg dealr?
  7. Both. The shoes i use in school are adidas and what i use outside,are nike's What do you think about GTA V?
  8. Nope. Is your ws main char using a physical weapon,or a magical one(staffs)
  9. You have the rose guy.But the forums need an angry face,NOW. Have you played games online(The flash player ones on websites)
  10. K,i shall have all that food and that sauce for the sacrfice Can i bring popcorn?
  11. O_O Post this to a nasty website
  12. Yeeeaaa I can find out what shall be my dream equip Ty!I hope english translation shall get finished soon
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