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  1. Ive seen necros in 2x2 lvl 14,used my bd against two necros,They putted me to sleep,and....Yeah,they owned my team
  2. Exactly And if your going to say-WHY PRIEST DOSENT LOSE HP Priests arent like necros.They dont sacrfice a part of theirselves.
  3. Sorry to say,but its made by the database.If you had it in the game,then it would be very impressive,REACH fOR THE BEST No offense
  4. Should i buy mcoins or not. Guess not Swamps are making me the big ones. Tho i sooo need arena tickets
  5. Have you guys ever thought why a necro loses Health?
  6. Illuminati or satanism Is this a coincidence or not a coincidence? Be fair with us.
  7. Warspear online 2? THIS IS
  8. Kiligour,you are a epic artist.The woman skins ,with male version of that would be an epic sorcerer set. Keep up the good work! Good luck with your future projects
  9. Well if this thing is going to get added,add a off/on mode for it
  10. Orly? Diffrent tastes mate I wish to say something to you,but its kinda offensive sorry
  11. Ask NoAmpChamp I dont know who he/she/it is. If you could have anything,what would it be?
  12. Ive seen that some people have diffrent textures while playing warspear,diffrent english letters,class icons are smoother,equip looks diffrent,emoticons look diffrent too. How can i get that kinds of''textures''?
  13. True Btw,did you see the video,the mage summoned a bunny,he did not pull it out of his pocket Yup,perfect,isint it?
  14. I think deleting these offensive language words like ♥♥♥♥,could be used again like this-füčk Its a huge job making all offensive words be unseen,and we just cant live without them,i think
  15. Yes.I think I rember when i once got suprise chests from an update or something,and if i opened one of em on my mage.I got my first suit-(Golden Valkriye dress)I still have it Memories. What do you feel when you die at small ravva?
  16. Did you mean mage? Cus seriously,mages need a stun. The chance in doing a stun while using shatters is low.The stun is good,but the chance is soooooo low,and i cant see that did it stun or no.
  17. I have alot of problems with melee classes expect palas.Bds have rush-Stun and helps him to get to me very fast. Barbs have charge-another stun Dk's have that thorn of death.is that a stun?idk
  18. It should be like this. ''Nuke Bunny''-The mage throws a nuclear bunny anywhere,and kills EVERYTHING that exists in any island,any block,any shop. NOTE:If you go to arena,then you kill all your enemies in there. Balanced,eh? Cooldown-0.1nanosecond Damage-100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Cannot be upgraded tho:/
  19. I only do heroic tower to try to get a berengar staff/baton,but always,someone ruins my heroic run
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