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  1. What do you fellow mages think about the new skill?
  2. P.S This is not a necro site. Mages and Necros,man up once. We could be better,sure. But this dosent mean we should just go and say we are the worst. Each class has pros and cons. >.
  3. sasa said-n't think any barb use roar cause it is useless,, u should have remake warcery cause not working well
  4. Seems good enough,i would love to see myself not using a staff and shooting fireballs only using my hands And this should solve the problem with everyone thinking that mages should be deleted
  5. Symbian cant be fixed,when people will understand it? I cant wait.When shall it be released?
  6. Ugh why everyone wants mage to get deleted? I have no problems being a mage,Barrier protects me. Barrier is epic. So i disagree,mages could be better,sure,but in my opinion,Mages are fine
  7. Mage expert skill idea: Nuclear bunny- Cooldown-1 sec Damage-INSTA KILL Description-Kills all enemies,aboslutely,EVERYTHING,ANYONE. BOOM,DEAD
  8. How come noone have thought about this feature
  9. Worth a try. I'd better not do quests,or no more drops from heroic tower. Damn i want to level up.
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