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  1. Brian screamed in pain, while his body fluids were being sucked up from the ground by a vampiric moose.
  2. Mars drifted away to a another galaxy. I wish to give you a seizure
  3. Fact #59 I mean books about lore
  4. Well, you should upgrade your chains to 3/5
  5. Hello! I have a problem with playing warspear. The problem is that i can't hear anything while playing warspear, seems that the audio dosen't work on my phone. My phone is a Sony Xperia E3 Thanks!
  6. I remember someone from the update where we went to these memorial places,and one of the forsaken memorials told:''Here is (enigma) he didint do shit, but he bought this memorial with mcoins'' This is it i guess.It certainly wasn't said like that, but it was something like that. This is not a coincidence.(illuminati)
  7. He does not tell you who killed you, because you decide what happened to you. (probably a elf, probably me, probably anyone) It could also summon a cataclysmic event,(somehow) so...... yeah.
  8. So, kids are playing it. Death animation settings. Problem solved.
  9. Instead of just throwing all amping sign to arena shop and keep the arena tickets at the same price, i think that when that is done, AiGrind should raise the cost of arena tickets a bit.To like 40 or 60 for a set (I haven't played the game for a while,so i dont remember how much a set of tickets cost.) Pros of this: AiGrind does not get bankrupt and warspear stays alive!(Yay!) We dont win the battles all the time, so getting signs is a challenge. We get 10-20 free arena tickets a day and when used properly,we could make some amp signs! Free mcoins can still support our needs. Playing more arena will make you more skilled. Cons of this: Still got to use mcoins a bit.(No shit) Arena tickets cost more. This is just my opinion
  10. Fact #57 I think libraries should have more books in them.
  11. Yep,Aigrind should update the descriptions.
  12. I have had blazing ground for quite a while now and i've seen a bug occur over and over again. When fighting mcs and i activate blazing ground,my dragon eye and frostbolt (which are ready to use)have to reload again for 3-6 seconds.The bug is really annoying,beacause it occurs at the most critical time. Note:The bug may only occur on my mage,beacause i haven't seen a post of the problem before.
  13. But why are the rewards for winning just buffs?Why not gold per hour for holding a territory under control?
  14. The Ranmage


    Ganking aint a noobish move in my opinion-Yes,it can be annoying. Its a strategical move.
  15. I have no idea.GTA San Andreas? Who thinks GTA San Andreas is epic?
  16. Oh,here is a perfect one- NUCLEAR BUNNY: The mage throws a nuclear bunny,and destroying everything. DMG-1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 COOLDOWN-0.1 Seconds RANGE-Anywhere on the map.
  17. Yes,yes it can,if the mage is used by someone who knows how to use the mage...
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