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  1. Tis be me bdayyyyyyy

  2. The Ranmage


    My b-day is at the 22th of november. In other words, today
  3. R0land came instead. I wish that I had a sword what is a shark
  4. There only can be one supreme leader. In your attempt to kill Kim-Jong Un, you ran into Dennis Rutton or whoever he is. Anyway, Dennisboi cracks your neck and makes a bowl out of your skull. Next morning he has cereal with Kim-Jong-senpai. I wish you saw it
  5. I hate rogues. i hate that mage does not have stun. I hate that i never get good items in dgs. And most of all, i hate you
  6. Yes please. I'd like it extra salty. Will you really give me a cookie?
  7. You get salt I wish you take a dragon and slay it with mustard
  8. No. By the way, you may be a terrorist. 911th post. Osama bin Laden
  9. Neither of both. Just a nerd who can throw a few jokes.Maybe I'm bipolar 0_0 Would you like a cookie?
  10. You failed life. Twice. I wish good luck
  11. Hopefully What is the purpose of life and Death? Are you even dead?
  12. You get a PSP I wish a wish of wishes about wishes
  13. R0land does not talk to us on ws because he knows, that one word will change the fabric of space and time... Wait, i was talking about a slight breeze which comes out of his mouth when he once tried to talk without destroying everything. Tried. I'll probably get banished to the other realm for this, doubting R0land. Anyway, when he tried to talk, the fabric of space and time changed, allowing people to go back in time and redo quests in one day for multiple times. Lord R0land saved us, good that he fixed it. Also, a word?!?! A word will undo absolutely everything. Nuff said
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