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  1. The problem with pvp cave is that u cant talk with enemy faction and u can just can get attacked any moment.Pvp cave could be alot more fear there.
  2. I think u should be able to pick race before and then,ANY faction you wanna join,like u human and gonna join mc.(this idea is pretty dumb,i must say,but i had to place the idea :blush: .)
  3. seems pretty awesome to me.But aint rogues a bit too op already?I mean they have vanish already :nea:
  4. where did you find the new expert skills?
  5. Mages could have more defence skills or at least an fireball like skill-it could be good for tower.
  6. Im sure it has nothing to do with legends guild.
  7. Legend aint a faker guild.
  8. Do you have proof? :diablo:
  9. I see alot of people today saying bad things bout other people.Not the best.But its true.Some may not be scammers,but some are.Some times some guy just shouts on a random person-''Someguy is a scammer!''. :(
  10. FukUmc is the best guild.I think it is at least.Cuz its my guild.
  11. The Ranmage


    So you going to be an another museum for mc at lake?Btw,pvp cave aint for wars.
  12. Godgy is the worst one.No plan at all,just rush into pvp cave and then go into some shop or library.And ive never seen waracabd do a war.Sure there is a better war leader than these two -.-,ive seen godgy lead us to lake and just let 100 players be a museum for mc.They just watched us.No threat to mc,damn weak. :nea:
  13. In the EU emerald,i kinda feel that the mc's and forsakens are stronger than the chosen and elves.Can you make elves and chosen stronger?
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