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    Solo DG

    Here is my suggestion= In spring event we got dg that can be done without party i.e solo. So,if we can get same kind of solo dg mode in tower as well as ayvon Dg's than it will be a great fun. Thank you
  2. i guess technical issues...big change.big problems...we waiting devs..go.go.go
  3. bld


    For the duration of grimore, i could lunch 2 arrow with 10% skill cooldown at lvl 2 grimore. currently i am at 22 so will check lvl 3 at 24 lvl and share it. and abt def decrease it depends on def of opponent. high def= high decrement
  4. As described in skill details, hex gives damage for few times and than gives the effect of silence. As we all know, in silence one cant use his skill. But recently, while pvping bd, as i could see that circle symbol in his head which says he is on silence. But, he used ham and his atk skill on me although he was on the effect of silence. This happened not only one time. Same happened with a guy, his lock name was -VOLLUME (eu) . In his pvp also, bd used ham on him in silence. Later when i was fighting mage same thing repeated. Mage used his shield + atk skill and teleport although silence was
  5. Auto transferring guild leadership is not really a good idea. You guys should think about it again. lets say we were sick or had some problem and couldnot play for a month. When we come back, what we find is our guild that we build up using our labour and money is in another persion hand. The game is full of scam and fraud. We cannot really hope that we will get our leadership back. Maybe this is not the always case. But losing guild because of auto transfer has maximum risk. The only way remain for a guild leadr is to kick or keep all the member ranks stuck to newbie. Just imagine hassn losin
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