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  1. ∞ do you know wat that is seems like some one didn't learn math
  2. You just can make game extremely stupid and make everyone have ∞ DMG still works just add mage extra range
  3. Your 100% right mage need skill ( nuk bunny ) : mage throws buny on targeted area witch explode and kill everyone in that area /range 100/ dmg aoe ∞
  4. zervan

    Dark Circle

    So fur you warlock is all about 2 dumb ass stun/fear skills
  5. Yeah I know every mage is saying that chains should be stun skill devs just hate mages too much to do that so they make some shithy skills 0 balance game that's all I can say
  6. His not how you play mage there is no right or wrong way aoe skill doesn't help you in any way I'd rather have single target skills that aoe that have soo small range and fail so often if stone shatter would have 100% chance stun even then its not effective since you have to get close by jumping in fights just too get stunned
  7. Mage will lose to any healer class they all have stun skills many if u were +8-10 vs some nob
  8. I just wanted to sugets some skills for difrent classes 1) thease ones are for mages Mirror images : mage create illusions of him self (up to 4) each illusion has same HP as mage and deals 10-20% of mages based dmg and additionally each illusion busst mages dmy by 2-8% depending on skill lvl illusions last up to 10sec if an illusion is destroyed it explode an deal aoe dmg illusion automatically explode after 10sec Time leap : mage travels back in time 5-20sec ( he returns to possition were he was 5-20sec ago) his HP mp returns back to wat they were 5-20sec ago and his skill coo
  9. DMG wise mage skills are good problem is weapon staffs have about 50% less dmg than bow /xbow even rogue with 2knives do more dmg and nothing to say about warlock stun , fear , silence they got nearly everything devs just hate mages we can't do anything about that
  10. I didn't ask for new type of weppon like wand my thought was not a weapon just an item
  11. Yeah mage only class with no stun or attleast stun that works stone stun suck if it have stun its like 0.5 sec and chains just a waist if it had silence effect it would be useful and fear effect on 1st elite skill + fireball ammm 1-2sec fear with about 10% chance happening nothing els to say
  12. Time control sounds good but wy not have something like this :: wen activate you are going back in time example 10-20sec your HP and MP returns to wat they were 10-20sec ago additional you become immune to all attacks to 5sec and if your HP was full once you activated this skill you become immune to all attacks for 15sec This is just an example don't take this serious
  13. Stone shatter is a joke wat is the chance of stun when I have it maxed an I haven't seen any stun ???
  14. Shatters suppose to stun enemy's with some % but so far I have seen any stun at lvl5 shatter or its 0.5 stun %) Btw 1st elite skill that are crap is a joke 2sec fear wtf at max
  15. BTW your skill idea doesn't help mage in any way if you look at other classes mages DMG in 1v1 is really low probably the lovest when as a DMG class it should be much higher example rougue and archer both are DMG based class there weapons have over 50% more DMG and since they use leather armour items they have more def so wat I would like to see is item specific for mages and warlocks they could use off hand weapon slot for example: power orb / book witch would boost there DMG by lvl% example: lvl20=20% --lvl24=24% and so on Don't take this item serious since its just an example plz
  16. zervan

    Dark Circle

    Wy you Guys complain about this skill its still op compared to other stuns aoe stun and still crying wtf 1v1 warlock beat almost any other class and in arena +3 skillis enough to kill anyone
  17. Since when blessing skill is defensive???
  18. Wy you ppl ask for stun /stlence skills ???? Wy not something fun for example Mirror images: manage create images (clones) of him self (up to 4)a round him each image deals 10%-20% of mages based DMG and have 30%-50% mages HP images last 5-10sec or until destroyed additional effect mages DMG is increased by 3% for each image / not only good DMG skill but you can fool your enemies and get away
  19. R.I.P mage :rofl: stop joking its just beginning ones ppl learn more and try out new skill builds it all be fine still bit squishy but mages are getting better
  20. Dragons eye ...hm not wat I expected but really helps get barriers up fast seems like + DMG and def speed still seem slow but little changes to set might get near 40% :D ..if. Its 20% at 4/4 idg Now magse defiantly can tank ;D
  21. You can't compare mages and warlocks its just stupid warlok kills mage any day of week mage wount even get close to do DMG maby lucky fireball will but then u get stun / fear 5-6sec later you died doesn't matter 1v1 or 2v2 3v3 5v5
  22. Compared to other classes mage is left out just bicose no stun or cc but that doesn't make it useless its not balanced amplifying will never be balanced
  23. :facepalm: this is not killing random nobs with high amp mage :facepalm: If you think +3 lvl17 arena set with +5lvl 17 staff is high amp then wat is +8-+10 :unknw:
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