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  1. i am using nokia 5320. My problem is connection error when log into server than updating a littlf file. I did what your solution info 1. Check and set software instalation tobe " all " 2. Restart my phone with *#7370# 3. Uninstal the old client and removed the all of old warspear folder. 4. Re download client v 1.0.0 5. Instalation client , until completed it 6. But when i login game to server . Theres a litlte update file. Thats my problem. My connection failed with code " connection error " 7. Than i try to put in the old of warspear.pak 1. But it always failed do you have other solution idea for me? Some one else or admin help me , pls. To fixed my problem thx
  2. i use client V1.0.0 after install it. i play it very well , nohing problems. than we got server maintance ( i hear a liitle patching / balance fix problem ). than after maintance server , i try to log in to game. but the game always lost connection, there's a updating file about 168kb . but i always failed to updating / lost connection . i try in my phone and pc. i have some problem , its lost connection when updating help....
  3. i dont know , how to fix in your problem update V0.70 to bev 0.73. why do you not try to downlaoding V 1.0.0 ???.....
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