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    xsmurfx reacted to Ninja Owl in Login problems   
    To avoid losing access to your account in the future, I'd suggest you set an email address and a password to your account. Connecting your account to Facebook adds an extra layer of security too.
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    xsmurfx reacted to Higgings in Login problems   
    I'd avoid to connect facebook if I were you. Once you manage to get your account back, My advice is to change the password often and as Owl said, set a good email ti your account.
    Mind that you will not receive any response during the weekend* (* Saturday and Sunday ).
    They always respond within 5 working days.
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    xsmurfx reacted to Morgana in Login problems   
    The support only works from Monday to Friday and I don't know whether they've got holidays off or not so yep, the only thing you could do is to wait for a few days.
    And as Ninja Owl said, for the next time you should assign an email ans your own password to your account.
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    xsmurfx reacted to Ninja Owl in Login problems   
    You probably tried to use a wrong password. Each time you create a new account the system generates a random password for that account. If you haven't set a new password for your account before, you might want to contact technical support.
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    xsmurfx reacted to Peter_Munk in [2015.07.13] Warspear Online 5.0: Kronus's Labyrinth. Preview   
    Warriors of Arinar!

    One of the most anticipated updates, Warspear Online 5.0 will be released this week! It will attract many new players of all levels to participate in the main event - Kronus's invasion. A gigantic Dragon from the cold world of Borea settled with his minions on the lowest level of the Astral Labyrinth. Warspear Online 5.0: Kronus's Labyrinth is not a new territory or a new boss, it is a new world.

    Birth of a new evil

    It was prophesized that a new Evil would appear in Arinar, worse than any that have come before. This prophesy has not come true and the whole world is under the threat. Be warned, you will need to find allies among your enemies.Forget everything you knew about bosses and dungeons in Warspear Online. You will have to deal with brand new mechanics that require completely new tactics and a superior level of teamwork. Welcome to the new world with new rules.

    Kronus's Labyrinth

    Kronus's Labyrinth is on the lowest level of the Astral Labyrinth. Only by completing the storyline can you gain access to the new location. At the end of the Astral Labyrinth, you will find portals that will take you to your Alliance territory in Kronus's Labyrinth.

    New quests

    The new Labyrinth is primarily a location for PvE-fights. Don’t worry though, you’ll find battles with players of the opposite Alliance unavoidable too.
    To complete our new storyline, you will have to defeat an army of Boreans and kill their vicious Lord, Kronus. To achieve this you will have to find your way through a tricky labyrinth, solve many riddles and even hunt down other players.

    As well as that, you’ll receive a new set of daily quests. Some of them will be available right away and others will reveal themselves when you finish the main storyline. You will receive Crimson Corrundums for completing daily quests related to boss kills. So you have the opportunity to receive untold wealth!

    New bosses

    Apart from Boreans and astral parasites, you will find creatures that are even more dangerous in Kronus's Labyrinth – these are the seven new mini-bosses.
    Six of them are found on Sentinel's and Legion's territories (three on each side) but one constantly moves and can be found anywhere. You definitely need to keep checking everywhere.

    As a reward for defeating any of these bosses, you could receive:

    - Rare level 22 armor
    - Rare level 21 belts
    - Improved level 22 weapons
    - Unity signs
    - Gold
    - Essences and Catalysts
    - Minions
    - Spheres


    Kronus is certainly the strongest boss to have ever appeared in our game. However, 2000000 health points and dangerous massive attacks aren’t the only problem you have. His health levels will dictate what new abilities he can use against you. The weaker he gets – the stronger he hits!

    One of his interesting abilities is Arson. It is a new skill and when he uses it can set his enemy on fire, inflicting DoT-damage. If there are other warriors next to him, they will be burned too. After a while the fire will die out. If you’re not careful the whole raiding party may be burned too.

    Defeating Kronus isn’t easy, but is certainly worth it. The rewards are valuable and there is an extra drop chance.

    - Costume of Kronus
    - Unity signs
    - Gold
    - Essences and catalysts
    - Minions
    - Spheres

    Kronus's Belly

    After defeating Kronus, you will open the gates to a new Dungeon “Kronus's Belly” for six hours. To get there you have to go through his throat. Don’t hesitate, just go inside – it is not the worst thing you’ll have to do. Once you pass his throat you’ll have to fight in his belly. It’s filled with parasites you have to fight before you can destroy his Heart and kill the main Enemy.

    The Parasite's behavior differs to other mobs in our game. Their leaders can cast new creatures and they start doing this when you enter their location. To go through you have to kill the leader as soon as possible and then take care of his minions. If you don’t, you will run out of power eventually.

    Once complete, you will find Kronus's Heart and then the most dangerous creature in the belly – The Basileus.

    The entrance to the dungeon will close after a period of time. To reopen it you will need to defeat Kronus again. Rewards in Kronus's Belly are:

    - Heroic level 21 armor (three types of sets for each armor type)
    - Improved level 22 weapons
    - Unity signs
    - Essences and Catalysts
    - Spheres
    - Potions

    The achievement system

    In our recent announcement, we provided a detailed description of the personal achievements system. It will be released in this update and will appear in stages. In the first stage, 90 achievements will be available. For each of which you will receive a number of Sign of Glory medals. When you’ve collected a certain number of medals, you’ll receive excellent awards:

    10 medals - Terminator Smiley
    50 medals - Champion's Haircut
    100 medals - Chunga-Changa Smileys
    150 medals - Champions' Barber Set
    200 medals - Inquisitor's Vestment/Torturer's Vestment

    You can read more about the achievement system here, There’s lots of important information there you won’t want to miss.

    Map update

    Arinar is filled with numerous dungeons, and it can be quite difficult to orient oneself in multi-level caves. Kronus's Labyrinth has improved the existing system. There are new useful maps with dungeons levels will be available for you in the new update.

    That's it for now!
    See you soon.
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    xsmurfx reacted to _Sasukexxx_ in [Infernal Warrior's Armor]   
    And maybe [infernal Warrior Battleaxe] adds "on fire!" Debuff, damages targets continually over a short period of time.
    Edit: Sort-of like rage/stun/steal etc, just a new passive gear buff.
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