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  1. im in need of a girl friend!!!

  2. pls increase the graphics details of the game in PC. also need full screen option.
  3. from now on start doing 5x5 arena ;-)
  4. If all go to arena 5x5 then we will not get in hands of those guild people very offen.
  5. Why no one likes to play 5x5 arena in any lvl categories? We get more gp and arena points in 5x5 arena.
  6. All opposite factions can do PvP in specified caves and allow the cl questers to complete that sucking thing. Pls all co-operate. This will be great step against GM (Game Makers) who wanted the players to fight against themselves. Pls like this and send to all ur frnd who need to do cl quests.
  7. I want do cl so any pros help me to get it. So that I will move to the next island that is ayvondil. Pls help me.
  8. Just enter your convenient time to do cl and reply under this post. so that all will see this post and gather at your specified location. let the time will be in GMT so that all will get it.
  9. :unknw:how to get giftcodes for mcoin?
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