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  1. This will cause for economy crisis in game. I have never talked about items. I just want to transfer gold via aigrind system not with other players...
  2. then go back and read it again. Don't make useless comments... This is not right place to discuss. Go forum/ tavern/ then make a topic.
  3. There is a suggestion and if they interest about it we will talk more. Also let roland to answer my opinion...
  4. There are too many scammer thats why I want something like that.
  5. As I wrote on my topic at support, warspear need a gold transfering system. People getting hard to get mc or elf gold. There is a little percent rare person left that you can trust. And its hard to find them. Never trust world chat btw. Idk are you working on similar system. If you not ,:a transfering system can decrease the scams percent and complaints. The main point of gold transfering system is prevent scams. If you accept it, you will discuss about currency or how it works , etc. I HOPE IT WILL BE USEFULL. BEST REGARDS. AIGRIND Family
  6. Yah man thanxs . I got my char back. Maybe 1 day i wll come back. Ty for ur help.
  7. Sent a ticket . Btw what will happen if Ahmody changed Id ?
  8. Not yet. I will do it when I got home. Btw thanxs for blocking
  9. what can u do then? Help to take my account back... It will be better
  10. Sadly but true most of storys end like this. I have 0 hope about this . One way, it will be good for me. Cos i get rid of game. But my all . If the aigrind looks for guilty, guilty is Ahmody. He is using nice and various way to scam. He says I got hacked , my friend was playing, Am I said them to you, etc. Also he got my char . I want to delete all chars, account, cos i had good previous and dont want to change it . Ahmody or w*f his friends, will scam another people by my char. If I can want something about "Hero Ahmody" "Cousin of Hassn" , it will be to ban him. Will miss you all my friends. Sorry for end like this but humans cant do anything sometimes and this is that time.
  11. Dear aigrind and honorouble admins . Me as airball i want to delete my char , account. I want it because I got scammed . (Not crying) I dont want to take my account informations back. Just wanna see all chars deleted. Thanxs. One dev died.... (SPOILER: AHMODY , CYBERNEM scammer trading gold sides) Before the end my warspear history I wanna say something. ITS like suggestion. I think that you must add a service which works for transfer golds from mc to elf or elf to mc. I believe it will utilize to decrease of scams and complaints. Also am I have to send ticket for this situation? Best regards.
  12. kaanberk yanlış biliyorsun soyleyeyim. iyi bir paladin varsa o pt her turlu alır. Ve de o soylediğin pt şeklinden daha etkilileri var(dı). Şimdiki halini bilmiom bayadır rangerla takılmıyom. elf vs mcde en cok zorlayan 4 rogue 1 shaman dı sanırım emin değilim(4 ay önce).
  13. There are too many games free to play. For instances, Dota 2 and Unturned... If you want to vote, nothing can avoid you. Try to search game.
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