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  1. Few pointless arguments deleted, LOLZ on the fact I´m still the only moderator.. :facepalm:
  2. Nice one.. seems I`ll be coming back.. (btw love the Satanclaus character, your workmates have sense of humor :) )
  3. Smurfer


    Awesome movement War.. Zetta what did u do to get banned? (anyway, as Shaggy says: it wasn`t me :P )
  4. uhuu guys, slow down please..this is becoming fairly unfriendly environment, so I beg you, please act mature! There are other ways to express your disagreement, a little more sophisticated than insulting each other like lil´kids.. PS: Awww is truly oldschool and respected player on EU, that is a fact. Little introduction to the EU community ;) Calling each other noob on EU server is not considered as insult, since I know Striderman :D And most of the kids playing EU would tell you that..Actually, an ingame conversation starter sentence "Hello Noobs" is fairly common.. :)
  5. Charge is awesome, not sure what`s your problem...barbs needed something to counter ranged, they got it..From my perspective, the only skill I don`t find useful is the druid skill, but I only saw it in action 3 times so have to observe it more closely..the BD`s "hamster on string" is also awesome..on high lvl, makes my shaman freeze and I can only watch him dying.. :) Traps can also change the fight outcome if used wisely.. My suggestion is to stop whining about who got better skill, but try to get max out of those you have..
  6. Why this should be any strange? I only want to have all the whinings in one spot :) I try to be neutral as much as I can, but no matter what you do, you can`t make everyone happy.. PS: You guys finally realized what "rogue" means (and what these guys were suppossed to be from very begining) and now you are angry, but when u were able to easily kill them, nobody said a word :)
  7. I officialy announce this topic as the "Stealth whining" thread! Please whine here, while you keep other topics stealth whining free. Thank you!
  8. Relic quest seems to be bugged for now... :unknw:
  9. True, I better not judge before I learn what other classes receive..and it is also truth that even though shaman lacks the health and res, with good tactics, especially in arena, he can beat any melee..however when it comes to war, you either have to be very quick or a potter to survive..2 ranged attackers are enough for you to be dead if you receive 3 hits from each without any skills. I can`t wait to see what shaman gets, hope it will be helpful to fight rangers :)
  10. hmm...that`s a little OP, don`t you think? Although..using this "combo" would be only defense not really attack tactic..I see less dying rogues out there :) P.S. I still think it will have certain duration limited, as all other skills/buffs have..
  11. I don`t think so Sulla, "can`t use the skill in combat" means that if you stun your enemy you are still in combat (simply try after stunning your enemy to change your gear - it won`t and it will say you are in combat - tried that with the shaman blinding skill). But try it when the servers are back up and let me know..
  12. Elves always complain, nothing new...anyway, invisible will for sure have only limited duration and will be just as a matter of surprise skill (as skill can`t be used during combat) At least noobs hunting lonely players with a whole party will think twice as they will never know if there isn`t a cloaked rogue nearby.. :diablo:
  13. From player perspective, Sun and Dark magic has not yet been implemented (hard to say, but seems some bosses are using this kind of magic/attack - but this is more of a rumour than a fact). IDK whether sun or dark magic will be included in the update currently being rolled out..wait for couple of hours and we`ll all see :)
  14. Yep..items should remain "rare" or as luke said, everyone would have them soon..not to mention that the boss camping would be even more aggressive and permanent than these days...
  15. The only fact is you got it all wrong..there is no relationship between the number of kills and the chance percentage as the percentage is for single kill..in other words you have 10% chance each time you kill it..but it doesn`t necessarily mean you are going to get a drop 1 out of 10 kills.. Lets put it in simple example: you have a 20 sided dice..logically there is a 5% chance you will throw number 20 each throw..but it can happen you won`t get number 20 eventhough you throwed the dice already 30x...got it now?
  16. On VIE server you have events, but truth is everyone too lazy on Emerald to organize any events at all...I would go for 1v1 tournament, but only between the same classes, as we know that BD`s can`t really 1v1 with a ranged class, nor Shamans can 1v1 with rangers..but if people would be interested I would go for such a "party" one weekend...I even would organize it but prefer to leave it to someone else :P plus, if you only give life potions as prize, not too many will be interested..if it would be MC or some good item, ppl will be more willing to participate..but..I`m not going to give my own items or pay MC to have them for the winner..For such kind of events, there should be some support/sponsorship from the devs..
  17. Thanks Boomboom, I made this topic sticky as I find it very useful..
  18. You`re driving it to the extreme, but whatever..(as drunk driving is a serious crime and can`t be compared with insult which could be maximaly penalted by fine - even to prove your point). Moreover, I never said it is the only or the correct solution or approach..(see my recommendation to send an email to the support). However, it`s the easiest solution of them all, and I still think that..Don`t forget that except you and few others, you play this game with (most of the time) arrogant, "I`m a superhero hidden behind my screen" kids who won`t know how to deal with other people for next few years...
  19. Seriously, you meet this kind of retards each and every day.. :facepalm: why not simply put him on ignore list? oh.. and the right way to report any game related issues is to write an email to support ;)
  20. A guy with 260 moon has most probably less than 1200hp and dies in 3 hits by a ranger combo..what is that good for? I have balanced my set to 219 moon with
  21. Well, "hide&seek" or crossing tactics is the best tactics when I play alone against multiple enemies, running towards them like a hero is suicide and plain stupid.. :facepalm: Ofc when 1v1 I would probably only use crossing against a ranger as shaman with his poor hp can not beat it otherwise (if u don`t trust in your luck :) )
  22. Disagree, Shamans have advantage as blind skill giving us few extra hits (eventhough most of the time dodged by the druid) while druids can stop our movement but not attack.. 1v1 with druid I lost only when extremly unlucky (druid hit me 2x critical in a row and dodged 2 my attacks in a row). However I had a tough time with one druid who knew the disadvantage of his stop skill and always ran out of my range and healed..but luckily, most of the druids don`t think that deep :P
  23. Smurfer

    The FoF Clan Book

    Lol Luk, if I would put on list all elfs that disturbed me or get me killed while @ Dinalt, more than a half of the elf population would be on the list.. seriously.. don`t play a game when you don`t know how to loose..they beaten your ass, thats why you so angry? is that it? /Edit: and do not use offensive language and unecessary large font please!
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