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  1. Hehe..forgot about it already..but it took like 20 minutes lol :D :D :D Today, I heal +83 HP :P can hardly solo harder mobs lol..
  2. It was a dark cloudy afternoon and the slowly moving light bulb was making astonishing shadow play on the wall of my room. Just the right atmosphere to play some game on my newly bought android phone. I already finished Final fantasy tactics and tactics ogre, what now? Browsing the market with a feeling I won`t find anything that would be interesting. I found Warspear.. Hmm, I really do not like MMO`s (simply because I have this inevitable feeling people tend to suck) but the graphics seems to be cute and reminds me a lot of FFT. I made my decision, I`ll give it a try. Elf or Human? I never liked elfs in any fantasy story. They just felt so arrogant and peacocks. But maybe because they are all so old or something..anyway, I go with human rogue as dual wield is sooo cool. First couple of quests went just fine, although I only met around 5 people for the whole day. I felt that the time I will need help is slowly approaching and there it was. Pointy eared wizard with spiders around raped me so badly that I simply gave up after couple of tries to do this the “one man army” way. I should find some help or I am doomed. There I walk when I saw another rogue walking the path. The name suggested this guy is polish. The name was Marcin and after couple of sentences we formed a party. There was also a shammie in the party by the name of TonyTuanzz (legendary afk.er and probably the only one that afk.ed in the middle of killing BG`s) They helped me and I was playing with them ever since. Just before going for Torar, we were hanging around the last human town when a barb called Bradonja (Awwww) offered his help to kill Torar. He said to bring a good friend of his to help. Soon Sulla showed up and we slayed the fatty and headed for the 2nd island. "Wow, what a large area. And why this guy`s name is in red?" Ah..2 hits and dead (my first contact with an Elf). Soon enough Awwww revealed his true motives. As he was one of the 1st MC`s on the 2nd island, he was hunted down by Elfs a lot (see Slays story for the reference ;) ) thus he wanted to grow an army to fight the elves back. As we progressed through the 2nd island, it was inevitable we will be soon facing the last ultimate quest: Berengar guards! Back then, BG`s were a nightmare and it was simply a common sense that for this one, we will have to cooperate with Elfs as there is not enough MC`s (yes, back then the population was veeery low) New alliance has been estabilished with Slays party and now we had allies among the enemy lines. We shared mutual respect and had non-written rules that were followed by both factions. Now I could go on with this story until present (or the day I stopped playing) but who would read it lol. I just wanted to share that back in the days, there were no scammers, no disturbers, no idiots (ok, few maybe :D ), people shared drops and everything was for free..As much as I loved this game, I am very unhappy of what it has become. However, I am still thankful I could be part of this community and it also gave me the opportunity to find friends from all around the world. So enough said, even if I am mean sometimes, I still value friendship of all of you, especially those who were there since I started. Sulla,Slay,Awwww,Species,McMug,Marcin,Vanhelsing,Ungezeifer,Pinoy,Shyleen,Sinscale,Merc and all the others, thanks for the experience!
  3. Sulla, you mean "the art of multiboxing" ? :pleasantry: Full time job dude! :D (btw I am giving it less than hour before this gets reported or I receive a pm asking to remove this topic lol) P.S. whos diadora? killed me with some doggy (doberman or shepard, not sure :D )
  4. if yes, only in "spectator" mode -> can`t attack at all, or scroll effect vanishes..good for scouting hard to access areas or good way to get to boss without being bothered by mobs or enemy players. Otherwise I am afraid that it would be missused as Elandir said..
  5. No worries, they will check his account and strip him off the coins he stole from you and you will eventually get it back. Just give them some time to do a proper investigation.
  6. Yes there is a :pleasantry: centralized system :pleasantry: which is: write an email to the support.. they are fairly quick in resolving issues, given the request is written in understandable english ;) at least I can not complain about them, solved each and every issue I had in a reasonable time frame.
  7. Voted Emerald as it`s the hood i`ve grown up in.. :friends: but still think that it desperately needs in game mods or at least players/partners that will be often online and would have direct contact to support in case scammers or just plain idiots spam the trade chat, etc..
  8. This topic has been moved to Support forum
  9. So many scammers these days.. how come this not happens on VN server? Oh wait.. they have IN GAME STAFF to solve such issues..
  10. I remember it very clearly but lets be realistic.. How would they produce income? No income = no resources for development = no updates = no new clasees/maps/islands, etc.. I just wish they were more creative, there are so many other options than to favour rich players and give them ingame advantages..or give a alternative to the players not willing to buy MC coins - e.g. the CC or arena points to be able to catch up with the "top $ spenders"
  11. Eventhough I have to admitt I hate the AMP system (because without it my shammy is poor noob with low def and att - pwned by lvl 15 noobs who have +10 on all just because they were willing to spend so much money for the signs) nobody really forces you (I mean directly) to buy anything.. As Slay said in another topic, AMP is a trap and should be ignored (which is not going to happen) and maybe the devs will think it over. Moreover (again quoting Slay) I have much more satisfaction when killing high amp guys (like the Saber guy :D sry mate, I had a lot of fun with you :D ) with such a crapy equipment ;)
  12. Hey Kuz, no, I have WiFi constantly on and use Cloud services as well (which could be also perceived as a constant wifi connection usage although probably less than WS) and even Star Legends which seems to have bigger data flow requirements than the cloud desktop or WS does not drain battery that much.. I try to do some comparing later on when I get time to show the usage/battery status statistics. P.S. It is common sense that Wifi/3G has a large battery consumption, just the ratio seems to be bigger when it comes to WS, thus I wanted to ask if anyone ran into similar finding.
  13. Not sure if anyone mentioned it previously or is it only me having such a problem but: - playing THD tegra games + normal tablet usage = battery lasts around 10 hrs - playing WS for less than 2 hrs = tablet overheated and battery dead tested on Acer Iconia A500 tab and HTC hero phone, same outcome (however I was not taking it seriously on the HTC as it`s an older machine, but Iconia is brand new and doesn`t have such a problem with other applications/games) Would it be possiblle to look on that energy consumption on android? Anyone else having similar issues?
  14. I know its called scamming Sexctasy, however I can`t do anything to solve it. I am any how connected to the Aigrind company in any way, thus this is the only way I can help -> pointing to the support (unfortunatelly). However I hope they will be helpful and return the account to its true owner.
  15. :shok: Yag? Like Yttrium aluminium garnet? (host material used by laser technology btw :D )
  16. Write an email to the support, nobody gonna help you on forum.. Please use the official channel to get your problem solved. http://warspear-online.com/en/support
  17. I didn`t. I never banned anyone forever..Max period I gave to a guy was 30 days, but normally when somebody is being a bad kid 7 to 14 days is enough..and he can log in, only posting is not allowed.. so probably someone else did it..remember I am not the only one with mod rights around here ;)
  18. Well, according to the table it can be interpreted in multiple ways. Simplest would be that +6 will give 53% more DEF than the original so: 100% = 198 1% = 1.98 53% = 1.98x53=104.94 153% = 302.94 The other option is the one Elandir posted, and that one actually makes more sense.. I would really love to see all the calculations in one spot.. I remember we already demanded such a thing but nobody really responded to that..
  19. why the past tense? It was locked only couple of hours and you can post there again..but your Clan leader forgot to mention he changed the topic name ;) - actually he made me think for a while I screwed up the topic merging :D
  20. or it`s actually the same guy...
  21. Brings back memories :cray: Nice one Slay, you just made me sentimental :drinks:
  22. don`t like/don`t agree with your post doesn`t equal being offended by your post. two completely different things..if somebody feels insulted, I have to react to it. And I never said you are the only one saying bad words..but just for the statistic, out of all moderator reports, most of `em was somebody complaining you insult him..just something to think about..but I appeciate you react like a grown-up to my offer and I am not joking this time :give_rose:
  23. Merc personally I resigned to get you understand my point, so I am leaving your Clanbook open and leaving you guys insult each other as much as you want, given you do not insult people that don`t find it funny as you do..If somebody reports he doesn`t like your humor and it is insulting to him/her, I will delete it whether you like it or not. Moreover, you should be the last one to speak about any rules, as you break them on daily basis and if I would strictly follow the rules, your account would be banned (and all its instances) forever..Now, I am not a jerk and only trying to get a kind of compromise..Do whatever you like in your clanbook, just try to avoid bad words and insults in other topic and we will get along just fine..Quite simple deal, isn`t it? :give_rose:
  24. Luks, what was the original DEF? As according to the table posted, it should be quite simple math...
  25. sorry for the offtopic, but I still didn`t get my hands on the beta WOM and I already applied 2x.. any idea what I need to do?
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