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  1. When you activate stealth mode, after you enter the shop and leave the shop. My character stay transparent (stealth) even its expired. :pleasantry:
  2. c.c weapons finally woowooo..... but its below my estimation c.c require to buy. i thought 500c.c above :crazy:
  3. mcmug

    The FoF Clan Book

    stealing is not tolerated, especiallyppl hunting alone and used many potions. hope ishu n u have sort-out. many ppls hunting these days especially more reached lvl 18. but many nubs dont respect the rules anymore. i love pvp or war with bunch of ppls but only take place near nadir or caravans.
  4. mcmug

    The FoF Clan Book

    i must carry a fof list while in game. lol :tease:
  5. niceeeeeee... arena... finally... hope to get new skill for rouge. :drinks: :blush:
  6. looking forward to the update thanks. Th e spider in garr shag almost kill me where i am lvl 17 . :cray: berenger revenge gear look too gay :bad: but shadow look cool :good:
  7. HAPPY 'BIRD'DAY NOOB :yahoo:
  8. Great video.. only 12 ppls we killed lambert.. With blockers to attraact mobs with sword is great help... 8)
  9. Next week will have several R5 rouge to help attract mobs. :yahoo:
  10. Thanks to Siwers & Slay.. great tactics no one die.. :drinks:
  11. all, for some hasn't done the quest is because they were late yesterday. Some MCs and elfs done that quest for 2-3 hrs. Why not schedule a time on weekeend lets say Fri/Sat to have more ppls online. Meantime, others can get this quest as soon as possible. It is hard to do this daily, because it needs 2-3 hrs.. :pleasantry:
  12. Well done all.. :drinks: great teamwork today... very effective.. :yahoo:
  13. Komodo.. all MC ready.. Where is FB? :tease:
  14. 30 minutes countdown.. :crazy:
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