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  1. Hi everyone, why the new expert skill for rangers has a low damage?, is useless for PvE or PvP... the explosive trap skill still have more damage than this one... ... With the Point Shooting skill..
  2. Ik he is an op player, my ranger was an op char too but now is so weak... I chose this nickname cause have two meanings for me: 1st. Lordxv= Lord-Xavier (my second name) 2nd. Lordxv = Lord-Xavier and Vale...
  3. Why still confuse me with lordxx or lordwthname
  4. Creo que ya había puesto un post sobre mi ranger o quizá fue en otro post, pero estos son mis pj. Personajes »»» Ranger- Lordxv (antiguamente Rryncemit) lvl 28, Necromancer- Disfigured lvl 16 Server »»» EU-Emerald
  5. U see?, he left the game and never pay me
  6. He said pay me in other char, see in screenshot.
  7. Buy ring with physic DMG lvl20 or lvl22 EU-emerald Elf side Pm with price: Rryncemit
  8. Disfigured

    Your ranger stats!

    My new stats (Lordxv) My stats and skill point shooting. Old Stats(Rryncemit)
  9. El jugador Rebersili me ha robado una espada nivel 22, quiero que me devuelva la espada o me dé los 180k de los 200k que debía darme.
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