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  1. hello ! I always send mail to tech support, and whenever he tells me to come here in the forum Recently my account was blocked by chargebacks. I would like to know if you have any other way to unlock my account? sorry for the mistakes ,wish i could return to the game,please i ask many excuses! If there is please tell me i arrange payment. This was all a big misunderstanding,would never violate rules of the game . I have leader guild TSPFighter and i want return to game. sorry ... thanks!
  2. Olá , recentemente fui bloqueado, e ainda não sei o motivo do bloqueio, pois preciso saber o porque para poder esclarecer melhor o que aconteceu ,a algum erro? por favor preciso saber"aguardo!! obrigado..
  3. I still do not know why i took permanent ba, I always bought miracles couns legally,on my credit card paypal payment mode recently heard a big misunderstanding with a purchase i made ,i solve the problem because my paypal account also was blocked, just wait and please i need of someone who understand português to facilitate comunication.
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