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  1. nice competition, if i had not left warspear world i would write one... :cray:
  2. Alizee

    The FoF Clan Book

    Then how u play Order & Chaos?!? :unknw:
  3. Alizee

    The FoF Clan Book

    Hi all. Can anyone plz upload the ipa version of v2.6 to 4shared?! I cant access itunes from iran. US & Iran, u kNoW! :facepalm: I wanna play. Missed the game. Miss u toO :blush:
  4. Alizee

    I quit too

    the last thing i wished to hear... :'( vaaaaan, don't leave us..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :shout:
  5. Alizee

    bye bye!

    hmmm, yOu're right, WSO is nOt enjoyAble anymOre...riCh nOObs, oFFline frienDs, everyone leaving and oNly the MoneY rulz... :'( i Don'T knOw yOu zetta, but atleast yOu could stay for your friends... anyWay I wish you luCk... O:-)
  6. the last one seems good if you mean silencing target hero from casting spells... ;)
  7. Slay's right. rogues and rangers are dominating arena! but ranger's new skill is not as good as other classes, just give a chance to do double damage in a short period of time that i think such skills most be passive rather than active :pardon:
  8. I don't have a BD or Barbarian, but I think it would much better if they gained an armor boost while (Aggression/Taunt) was active, though there is no benefit for them to do such thing...juSt if TheY wanna sAve me frOm bAd MoNsTeRs!! O:-)
  9. gOoD wOrK RaP ..!!! ;)
  10. NiCe cOmPeTiTiOn..! :clapping: Can you encourage me In AdvAncE..?!?! ;D
  11. oh, pLz leArN us h0w should we d0dge an attack Mr.tAcTiCaL... I think we should sleep well before a combat, so we have enough reflex to really have 30% dodge chance...HuH?!? iF a LvL 14 MC sMasHeD you like a fLy you CouLdn'T ignore diSbaLance...
  12. Maybe rangers have more dps, but the problem is they HaRdLy survive a group battle, BDs have more Hp and Armor, Shamans can stand out due to their HP regen skill, but wHaT abOuT rangers?!?! can they really rely on their eVaSiOn sKiLL :unknw: when i use this skill my dodge chance reaches almost 30%, but practically only 5% of incoming attacks are missed, but what is really tortures me is rAnGers have 50% chance to suffer critical dmg :facepalm: I hardly pass through a regular dungeon... :'(
  13. Hmmmm...seems a nice update O:-) but what about Arena?!! I haven't noticed anything about it :search:
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