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    • Collect in-app payments using Steam Wallet                                                                                                                                                                                  If I remember the less price for Steam Wallet payement is 5 $ and now I'm wondering if mcoins sales can be available under steam.. :wacko:

  1. Elf allready have soo much better thing than us, let me make a list :


    -They do dungeon faster than us => drop more rare items => be more op



    -They duck us in arena so hard (when well played of course) with all those stuns, weird heal (300 hp => 2200 hp in 2 sec just wtf) and ofc the BANNER who duck all player close to it with (OF COURSE) those new maps which are smaller and smaller. (Let's dodge it ♥♥♥♥♥ies  :crazy: )



    -They are much more than us  :facepalm:



    -And about this new "capture flag"  :pleasantry:  it's just a new way to show how elfs much powerfull than us and make mc got more mad than they are allready.





    Any elfs wanna make a list for mc advantages ? I wanna see it just for the lolz.  :lol:





    Here's a link.



    But the specific code he means is this one. It enable's the user to directly post a picture upon his/her post, instead of uploading it unto the forums database.

    Just upload your picture using an image host such as tinypic.com or postimage.org, then place the direct link for the picture inbetween the img bbcode.



    Thank you :3

  3. deltamis... 2 strong rogue at arena can kill everyone coz they make sooooo much dmg quick... I have rogue 506dmg and i can kill easy +10 rangers and they even cant hit me...



    You wear well your name.



    Gm shud give free book to players for rearranging skill points

    I agree even if I'm mc  :)

  4. Lol watsup with the stupid skills that mcs and foraaken got.


    Throwing knifes for rogue? 100 damage?  Dk new skill . 100 damage? New necro skill 40-60 damage? Just no................



    When is bd gonna get heal?  And when does paladin get shield? :facepalm:


    I didn't even take a look on this plow throwing knife, give to rogues the ducking throwing cake remade for rogues is just take us for stupids, and I don't even talk about the new priest skill it's so unfair seeing elf doing snorlar in 1 min then mc still take 20 min to do it .. What this duck mean ? Elfs can got Snorlar's outfit easier than mcs ? Why ? And I'll don't talk about pvps/war

  5. I saw some bugs/glitch in this dungeon, personally when I enter in my app crash (linux) didn't tryed on my phone (android) and i the dungeon I get some lags, and I'm not alone ofc. At boss we was 5 and idk what happen but 2 of our party just crashed/leave so please fix it it's not funny to lose our stamina.  ;D  (Btw I don't know if the actually maintenance s for it but I prefere tell you about my discoveries  :dirol: )

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