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  1. After x2 druid's heal skill now x2 priest's heal skill, GG devs EDIT : Warlock"Stone Body". Warlock becomes invulnerable for enemies, but loses ability to to move or attack. Like that ? LOL
  2. Collect in-app payments using Steam Wallet If I remember the less price for Steam Wallet payement is 5 $ and now I'm wondering if mcoins sales can be available under steam..
  3. I hope if we vote yes thot the prices in game will be lower than before. (My Steam acc/shared with my bro : Ass No Kick)
  4. Elf allready have soo much better thing than us, let me make a list : -They do dungeon faster than us => drop more rare items => be more op -They duck us in arena so hard (when well played of course) with all those stuns, weird heal (300 hp => 2200 hp in 2 sec just wtf) and ofc the BANNER who duck all player close to it with (OF COURSE) those new maps which are smaller and smaller. (Let's dodge it ♥♥♥♥♥ies ) -They are much more than us -And about this new "capture flag" it's just a new way to show how elfs much powerfull than us and make mc got more mad than they are allready. FAIR GAME. Any elfs wanna make a list for mc advantages ? I wanna see it just for the lolz.
  5. You wear well your name. I agree even if I'm mc :)
  6. Alicia

    mc skills

    I didn't even take a look on this plow throwing knife, give to rogues the ducking throwing cake remade for rogues is just take us for stupids, and I don't even talk about the new priest skill it's so unfair seeing elf doing snorlar in 1 min then mc still take 20 min to do it .. What this duck mean ? Elfs can got Snorlar's outfit easier than mcs ? Why ? And I'll don't talk about pvps/war
  7. Yes I saw when Necros use their new skill that hit Busiris and then they fight :wacko:
  8. :wacko: You didn't fixed that bug with npc .. :facepalm: Can't quest. PS: It's cause by Necro's expert skil :s NPCs fight between them and tards heal them so we can't quest :good:
  9. Ty Eastwoodman :clapping:
  10. I saw some bugs/glitch in this dungeon, personally when I enter in my app crash (linux) didn't tryed on my phone (android) and i the dungeon I get some lags, and I'm not alone ofc. At boss we was 5 and idk what happen but 2 of our party just crashed/leave so please fix it it's not funny to lose our stamina. ;D (Btw I don't know if the actually maintenance s for it but I prefere tell you about my discoveries :dirol: )
  11. What I see in all this ? Bd got a shield + their x2 stun , druids got a third stun, ranger got a second stun.. :facepalm: what's the problem ? All of this for elfs.. I play mc ty (y).
  12. Ok, welll I did Heroic mode ( :yahoo:) Ofc I died :facepalm: this mode wear well his name but sinncee I did it I can't log in anymore each time I log any of my chars the game crash fix it please.. :wacko:
  13. I think/guess/hope it's for fix this noob lag :facepalm:
  14. Same here but on Android I close then open and then that work (I don't know if it will do the same on IOS) btw atm it say server under maintenance.
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