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  1. My first real drop was dd helm from tower
  2. Why does the maintenance never say whats going on.. like changing costumes.. bug fixes... new update or etc????
  3. Alright cool thanks for the help :D
  4. Ok i was looking through forums and i started posting stuff then i saw karma 0 posts 7 what does the karma mean?
  5. Stern is right on this one we need log because there are people i trust but they can still steal from guild slowly so u dont notice till everything is gone
  6. I am in love with the new shaman power and rogue power i just...... im speechless so let me say this last sentence.... good job :D
  7. Dang alright thanks well atleast now i know
  8. Ragekid

    HELLO! :)

    :good: hello warspear players ragekid here and i just wana say im new to forum but im an old player but yeah whats up everyoneee and if u know me ingame say wazzzuuuuhhhhhhhppppp :shout:
  9. Hello warspear moderators i have a problem... i just foundout about forum so i could never get this out there but my ingame names are. Ragekid, Ragemode, Rageheal and rageviper. And i have been playing for over 2 years now and i have never gotten a drop like i know people complain about ohh drop rate too low this and that but i truly never got a drop other than a def or damage sphere and in swamp i litterally only get runes and crystals i dont know why but i have been doing swamp and farming for a long time and it is stressimg me out i dont know how drop rate works but if its individual may
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