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  1. mcs protest again ... regue can stealth and can damage 3k ... for someone who is not ready and does not know there is an enemy would die against rogue .. whether it is still lacking .. ??
  2. how the system to determine the winner .. ?? and prizes in the can in the time period how ... ??
  3. I think it's better d exact schedule what time the war ... and alliances that won would always announce d .. not hnya for the guild and the guild but the entire alliance .. I think it's okay .... Let's update, after which we will assess, to provide advice and criticism of what must be repaired ... and stop all mc protests skill elf, rogue can damage 3k, no elf who protest.
  4. mc player protest again ... :facepalm: when mc has been given a great skill ... still protest Her skills ugly elf never complained to gm .. regue could damage 3k what is still lacking .. ?? :wacko: MC NOOB
  5. challenges must be conquered, not only in complaining .. how can progress only if heroid could gag .. maliat may be scaled back or delete heroid heroid. but should that be done heroid that mission to the next, as we've struggled to make can be done 5000 maliat Elfes and heroid quest.
  6. mc pliss do not protest anymore to GM, about the new skills elves. :facepalm: mc do not like baby pliss .. mc spoiled :wacko:
  7. yesterday me done RG heroid in new map... why Heroic level is not necessary anymore...???
  8. PROTES LAGI PROTES LAGI.... :facepalm: knpa sih MC kerjaan nya protes mulu ke GM... kayak anak bayi aja.. :wacko: pertama skill priess,kedua skill druid...skrng pala :facepalm: MANJA
  9. Flurry of Steel (Rogue) Rogue gets an ability to use a throwing knife duck rogue....can steal,jumph...and new skill can throwing knife... getting a pro run ...hit run hit run ..more cowardly :facepalm: but no matter I still love elf and chosen ;)
  10. I also, downloaded and lost ..... how is gm ..? :(
  11. SATPOLPP :yahoo: ... Go lvl 4 all mc is poor... :tease:
  12. gm why go back to the beginning ..?? I was off in the city on time rava why back in gaspel. :(
  13. SATPOLPP :drinks: good havoc lvl 4... :good: and then we will beat sithlords and for ROYALTY do not cry ;D
  14. what about windows pc ..? :diablo: mt cepetin please her, we were in a tour ... :bad:
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